Laptop recommendations for Video Editing

Hi guys.

I’m looking to buy a laptop. Main purpose is to do video edits on Premiere Pro CC. No Professional editing, mainly occasional editing of my travelling videos.

At times I’d also like to use it to play Football Manager.

My budget is £900. Obviously I am no professional edit master so any laptop below £900 would be fantastic.

I’ve bookmarked the following: thoughts on this?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Seems ok but if your are doing all that stuff windows 10 is a memory hungry mofo and so is editing so maybe you might find 8gb is limiting so you might have to upgrade that in time. MSI are a good maker of powerful laptops but the prices can get stomach churning in a hurry.

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What Mav said. mid-range price laptops usually have a lot of the same stuff in them, the only thing you want to maybe consider is that you might want something better than just the on-board gfx card (which is often something like nvidias uhd 620 right now), anything above that, like the mx150 would be alright, in yours you have a 1050ti which is great. In a way you just want to check that the £900 doesn’t just go into other features and has only the mobo gfx card.

Then you might want to remember to, after you update the drivers for the nvidia card, to go into the nvidia control panel and find the setting that automatically chooses which gfx card to use. That’s because even if you do have a fancy card (like your ti1050) there is still a mobo gfx card, and the reason the setting exists is to save power and use the mobo card if you’re not doing ‘graphics heavy tasks’ then it automatically is supposed to switch to the ti1050 when you do - this feature (like most features in windows OS) works so-so, so whenever laptop power is not an issue you might want to set it to always use the ti1050 card if you’re doing editing, or at least take a few secs to google how this auto-select feature works with whatever software you’re using and what effects it actually has on power consumption.


I’d have a look at getting a secondhand Mac Book Pro.
They are great for video and audio editing and are reliable.

Cheers for the feedback Maverick. I’ll look into the memory aspect.

Thank you very much for the informative response. A very useful tip for me to keep in mind.

I’ve also added another link in OP, would be grateful if you can offer your expertise on that and suggest any other laptops perhaps.

I know you may be surprised but I am personally not a fan of Mac at all lol.

I’ve used Novatech for all my computer bits for years. I did a quick search for you and found this- a bit over budget but with 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti and 240 GB SSD and 1TB HD it should do you well. Their support is excellent too.,


My recommendation is always to go for a desktop, rather than a laptop.

And when it comes to video editing, cpu > gpu.


Yeah my brother is a music video director and he swears by his desktop and the importance of it. Wouldn’t ever try to edit a music video on a laptop unless it was minor changes he had to make for the label / artist.

And RAM, plenty of it.

I guess the reason why I’d prefer a laptop is because I’d like to take it whilst im travelling.

Though, If anyone can suggest any desktop’s within £800 then please do so.

You could build one for that price :slight_smile:

Closest thread I could find, rather than starting a new one

Must be some computer buffs in here

Im looking at either a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 or a Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
Preferably i7 depending on price.
Looking online they both look very similar in specs and hardware, although a big bonus is that the Samsung comes with a pen and keyboard and that is an extra cost for the Surface Pro.

No advice for me on these two?
There must be someone that knows or owns one of these computers.