Labour MP Keith Vaz 'paid for male escorts', Sunday Mirror claims

He should immediately be appointed Chairman of the Playing Away From Home/Affairs Select Committee amirite?! :henry2:

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Good for him.

Bell End :joy:

Anyone remember this classic from the times of David Pleat oh the fun we had with this one !


If that guy wants to go to escorts, it’s his right. Don’t judge others. In end we are all sinners.



Russian troll?

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Link in bio is for an escort directory. So it’s a troll/spambot.

randomly found this thread after looking at OA Birthdays

Vazeline. Non-stick.

Or so he was before the article

I certainly do
Wrighty got fined for calling him a kerb crawler or a pervert if my memory serves me right .

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doubt he’s going to reply, it says he’s banned :slight_smile:

The REAL Ian Wright , he said something in a press conference,
gotta love Ian Wright Wright Wright

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Aww poor Drayton, I miss him he was a fun poster

what was his ban for?

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He accidentally posted a picture of a baby’s vagina

oh, I think I remember hearing about that actually

Yep, randomly while browsing in incognito mode. Sure fam.



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Check out the banned members thread. It was accidental but we had to act.

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