La Liga Thread

Yeah they should call it top 6 and include Holland. I don’t know who has won more European trophies between France and Holland but they shouldn’t be excluded at the expense of France when it comes to calling a top league.

Eredivise as a top league? Not for me

I was alluding to your statement about the French calling themselves a top 5 league.
Who would be in your top 5? Apart from the Dutch who else?

I wouldn’t have a top 5.

Top 4 with Ligue 1 best of the rest

Portuguese league is bigger than both Dutch and French

Just looked at Wikipedia and the top countries who have won the most Euro trophies are as follows:

Spain 62
Italy 48
England 45
Germany 31
Netherlands 16
France 14

So statistically speaking there’s your top 6
Scotland you’ll be pleased to know are 9th with 7 trophies.

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Can only recall celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen with a trophy.
Do you know the others by any chance. Can recall a few losing finalists but not winning sides.

Yea you’re right I think. Assuming I am looking at the same list he was he’s just scrolled over on the wrong line. It’s Belgium in 8th with 7 (although three of them are the Super Cup).

I remember being surprised at Dundee Uniteds euro history when looking them up years ago as a guy I went to school with ended up playing for them for a few years but I did remember they hadn’t won anything.


Joint biggest club in the world with Arsenal, LFG!

Its the Wikipedia uefa club competition winners and yes it includes super cup winners as well as some defunct competitions.
Got it wrong with Scotland, they have 4 trophies.
Actually going through the list, I think some of its wrong, it says Arsenal have 1 trophy with the CWC, the fairs cup has disappeared, and Spurs have 3 trophies and West Ham have 2 ffs.

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mfw hitting the bin with a ball of paper the second try:


I was pretty critical of him when he was the Madrid coach but he’s done a brilliant job at Sevilla. :clap:

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absolutely. has to be his initiative?

Must be, would be mad if they wanted him gone.

they might even finish 3rd (1pt behind Atléti, two games left) which they haven’t managed in over a decade. not sure what team he thinks he can get that is noticeably better than Sevilla on paper tho, so might be something else behind this, maybe something social etc.

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What happened to this kid?

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idno but he seems to have stolen all the footballing skills of his teams’ defenders, fuck me Militao has been terrible so far including on the goal Cadiz just scored lol and they could honestly be up 2 or 3 here.