La Liga Thread


Girona-Real Sociedad today.
0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.



He is going to Manure in the summer, imo.


Real-Barca for the Copa del Rey semifinal second leg today.


Actually annoyed this game clashes with our match, wouldn’t have minded watching some of it.


You can have both, tbh :wink:


Barca wiping the floor with Real at the Bernabeu


Real dictating the game atm.
Now Barca are starting to dominate.
Good dive from Vinicius here.
Not a good game overall. Both teams are afraid of each other.
First Vinicius, then Lucas miss a great chance.
If there is a team who should be up, it’s Real. Barca not looking good again.
0-0 at HT. Dull one.
Benzema so close!
Oh! That’s the Suarez of old! 1-0 Barca!

Real are just dangerous on set pieces in this second half.
Could have been penalty to Real here. Lucas was struck between Piquè and Lenglet.
Ahahah Varane! Game over!

3-0 Ahahahha!


Scoreline very flattering for Barca, Madrid were actually playing well.

Ter stegen having a great game tbf.


Caught the second half of the train home, always good to see Madrid humiliated at the Bernabeu!!


3-0 Barca FT. This Barca side play crap, but always get the job done.


Unless it’s a 2nd leg against Roma in a Champions League Quarter Final :joy:.

Didn’t see any of the game, but I’m not surprised Barcelona went through, I don’t rate this Real Madrid team and expect they’ll go out in the CL quarters unless they get extremely lucky with the draw.



And that’s not even the best Barca ever.


Dembele :giroud2:


More like Dembinho :giroud2:


Will Suarez go down as a legend for Barcelona?


Valencia-Betis for the second Copa del Rey semifinal return leg today.


How could he not?

It’s a forgone conclusion


I think so. Embraced the challenge and was not phased or in awe of Messi or Neymar. Contributed and delivered to their success regularly.