La Liga Thread


I said this about the kindle…and driverless cars…

But I never saw Eleven Sports pulling it off


You’re not wrong about those. Not yet anyway.


Getafe-Rayo, Seville-Barcellona, Alaves-Celta Vigo and Athletic Bilbao-Eibar.
Seville have a great home record so i expect another dire performance from Barca.
Getafe up at HT.

1-1 Rayo

2-1 Getafe

2-1 Getafe FT. Rayo have run out of gas after a great comeback. Getafe are 4th, instead.
Barca with a strong start.
Dangerous counter for Seville now. Navas’s pass is just too long though.
Seville are marking Messi with 3/4 men. Difficult for him to past his opponent.
Seville growing into the game atm.
Here we go! Barca down. It was coming.

Vidal close to equalize with a nice header.

Piquè almost scores a Messi-esque goal :arteta:


Just the 5th best player in the world with his 31st(?) Goal in 32 games.


Sevilla better though, it’s just stupid that Messi scores goals like that out of almost nowhere lol insane control and technique.


Yep, Seville up again. Barca are crap and have been for a while.

Seville up at HT. Deserved lead. @Darkseid


Messi bailing out that small-dick bum


Valverde man, this guy is such a fraud.

Barcelona think you can employ any mug as manager as long as they’ve got Messi but you need elite coaching too especially to win the CL Messi doesn’t have the deep squad that Real had when they won their CL titles.


Yeah I keep looking at Valverde like that everytime he celebrates when Messi scores he’s actually thinking “phew, he fucking papered over my cracks again lol”


And honestly sometimes Suarez might as well not be on the pitch, I don’t see why he’s undroppable.

He’s not that guy anymore, Malcom plays a blinder against Real and gets rewarded with jack shit. Sometimes Messi should be playing false #9 with Dems and Malcom on either flank, Suarez honestly needs a replacement or someone to give him genuine competition.


He scores a couple times in some big game which leads many people thinking he still is.


Barca are worse than us, tbh. No game plan at all.
Ahahah! Barca losing and Messi drops deep to dictate the tempo. Valverde’s game plan :xhaka:
That was penalty to Barca, imo. For once Suarez didn’t dive.


How is our boy Banega doing today?


Wow Messi. Effortless.

Awful kick by the goalie tho




Chocolate leg too


SO close to his hattrick




If you watch football ignore the balon d’or rankings :joy:


Was that his right foot?! :giroud3: :eyes: