La Liga Thread


Great read, thanks for sharing! I particularly liked this quote:

“If we’d had Ronaldo, we’d have won – and won the league,” manager Robson said years later about that game. His useful but mortal replacement, Juan Antonio Pizzi, whimpered: “I’m just a regular player; he is not from this planet."

I understand there were underlying circumstances in him leaving Barca, much the same with Figo, but the top Brazilian players do tend to struggle to stay settled at one club, which may be somewhat detrimental to their ability to consistently hit 30-40 goals season on season. Messi and C.Ronaldo have been rather lucky that for the most part (particularly Messi) they have been settled at one club which helps when it comes to maintaining incredible high raw statistics.

But yeah, that Ronaldo season along with the one where Messi scored 50 goals or however many it was will go down as the two greatest individual seasons in the modern game. Yet the Barça fans I know love to complain about how bad they have it :joy:


Suarez>Messi :wink:


Meh not bad for the 5th best player in the world


I love that whoever made the graphic knew to pluralise ballons rather than d’or. :slight_smile:


“Sad”, lol. 160 million…


Betis up at HT against Valencia in the second semifinal of the Copa del Rey.

What a comeback from Valencia! From 2-0 down to 2-2.

2-0 Betis

2-1 Valencia

2-2 Valencia


Well, what a game that turned out to be! Both ties are finely balanced but Valencia will feel the better!


Valladolid-Villarreal for the league today.


Valencia are having a good start to the new year. Can see them having a great second part to the season.


Villarreall 0-0 FT. They are really going down, aren’t they?

Getafe-Celta Vigo, Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid, Espanyol-Rayo Vallecano and Girona-Huesca today. @will24

Celta score.

1-1 at HT.

3-1 Getafe FT.

2-1 Getafe

3-1 Getafe

Atletico have started better.
Casemiro scores! Golazo!

1-1 Griezmann! Cool as you like.

Lucky, lucky Real. The foul was outside the box. 2-1 Ramos.

What a cocky celebration!
Real up at HT, but Atletico have looked better.


Real Madrid leading Atletico in the Derby.


3-1 Real FT. They are second now. Atletico had a very good second half, even with a disallowed goal for Morata, but they just couldn’t take their chances.

Espanyol win as well.

1-0 Rayo

1-1 Espanyol

2-1 Espanyol. Golazo!

Huesca 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Huesca

2-0 Huesca

2-0 Huesca at HT. They are back in the fight to stay up. Would be a miracle if they managed it.


Leganes-Betis, Valencia-Real Sociedad, Seville-Eibar and Athletic Bilbao-Barcelona today.
2-0 Leganes at HT.

1-0 Leganes

2-0 Leganes

3-0 Leganes FT.

Valencia 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.
Eibar up against Seville. Nice goal!

Eibar up at HT.
2-0 Eibar

2-2 FT. Big come back from Seville in the last 10 minutes.

2-1 Seville

2-2 Seville

Bilbao so close to take the lead here!
Take a bow Ter Stegen! What a save!
That ball from Messi to Suarez was just out of its world. Nice game overall.
Raul Garcia was about to score what you can call a golazo :cech:
Messi chips it just over the bar!
Barca always struggle away to Bilbao. It’s the same today.
Bilbao are destroying Barca.
0-0 at HT. Not a fair result for Bilbao.
Barca looking better in these first minutes of the second half.
Barca have bossed the second half, but still can’t score.
Dembele on.
Bilbao getting dangerous again.
0-0 FT. Fair result overall, as Bilbao bossed the first half, with Barca most of the second. Barca just 6 points above Real now.


Alaves-Levante today.
Alaves up at HT.

2-0 Alaves FT.

Eibar-Getafe today.



Lucky man, I could make a living being a football manager if I had Lionel Messi at my disposal.


Shocking decision. With the talent he has at his disposal there’s no excuse for this coward being given more time at Barcelona.


Messi earns a living for himself & more


Fraud :facepalm:


Getafe up at HT.

2-0 Getafe

Eibar pull 1 back.

2-2 FT.