La Liga Thread


The Copa del Rey quarter-finals first leg start today with Getafe-Valencia.
Boring game so far.
Chance for Valencia here with Lee. Just off the bar.
That could have been penalty to Valencia, as Getafe player was fouled just outside the box.
Best chance of the game is for Getafe, but the shot is strike at Domenech.
0-0 at HT. Getafe have been slightly better, but still nothing special.
Not even worth watching. Such a shit game.
1-0 Getafe. If there is a team who deserve to lead it’s Getafe.
1-0 Getafe FT.


Apparently Frenkie De Jong has chosen to join Barça. I thought he was pretty much nailed on to join PSG from reports I heard


Yes, Barca willing to pay €90,000,000 for De Jong. Crazy.


Messi not in the squad for today’s game against Sevilla in the Copa del Rey.


Neither is Denis Suarez, he’s been dropped :eyes:


Shit getting real :henry2:


De Jong agreed personal terms, 5 year contract. Ajax will announce it tonight.



De Jong-Arthur-Busquets is gonna be some midfield.


Xavi and Iniesta finally replaced?


Guess so.


Only if that bum in the dugout will stop playing Rakitic


Think Valverde is gone in the summer.


Wasn’t Rodri seen as someone who would be an ideal successor for Busquets or am I mistaken?

Either way a midfield trio of Artur - Rodri - De Jong would have been something else



With Dembele and de Jong their future is looking pretty bright when Messi hangs 'em up.

Huge signing.


Decent compilation for those who don’t know him too well.


Boateng starts for Barca against Seville.



Fuck. Off. You mes que un club cunts.


meh, not as good as elneny :henry2:


Sneaky bastard :henry2: