La Liga Thread



I find it so weird when club issues these kind of statements. It seems to be mainly Barcelona and Madrid that do it too. ‘Barça formally deny any agreement or pursuit of Rabiot’

I expect him to sign for them on January 1st then


But but, ramsey was gonna go there instead


Santi scored vs Real just now

@Luca_from_Italy you know what to do


Just back. Wait a moment.

As expected, Barca have started dominating the league. They are gonna win it easily in the end.


Lovely goal by Cazorla, sweet finish.


Sadly, Villarreal are still losing.

1-0 Villarreal. Golazo!

1-1 Real Madrid

2-1 Real Madrid


Santi with a header! :grin:


2-2! Real keep being shit :arteta:. Santi again!


Man it does the heart good seeing Santi do that. :slight_smile:


2-2 FT. More points dropped for Real.




Nah. Part of it is that he’s playing there with basically no pressure. He’d misplace one pass here and we’d all be throwing stuff at his dodgy ankle.


Ohhhhh Santi Cazorla, ohhhhh Santi Cazorla!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


A Santi brace, absolutely beautiful to see :heart_eyes:.


Hopefully Santi can keep Villarreal up because they are in a very bad position.


I’m intrigued to see how Real Madrid go about this coming summer, given they have 30 points from 17 games this season and I very much doubt they’ll win the CL this season to appease the fans for poor league form.


bUt REal iS tHe BEsT tEAm IN thE wOrLD…
Ronaldo’s obsession with winning carried this bunch.


Levante-Girona and Espanyol-Leganes today.


Hopefully they go after some Spurs players like Kane and Alli.