La Liga Thread


Eibar - Real Madrid, Valencia - Vallecano, Huesca - Levante and Atl. Madrid - Barcelona today.
Barca are likely to drop points again, imo. @will24


My take is that it’s just a formality issue blown up by haters. He was given cortison before the game which is perfectly legal as long as you report it but his doctor reported the wrong (but similar and also legal) substance instead which is why no one cared at the time and probably shouldn’t now either lol

On a related topic I’m more curious about those old rumours that they buffed the whole Spanish NT back around 2008-2010 was it? rumours in the wake of Icarus that mentioned Nadal, the basket NT team etc.


Liverpool fans still aren’t over Ramos’ CL final antics so can you imagine the delight they would take from any kind of Ramos punishment? I can do without that in my life.


Eibar up against Real! Courtois shaky again.

Eibar up at HT.
2-0 Eibar! Real getting ripped apart!

3-0 trolololol!


Have Real Madrid forgotten how to play football? Seen a bit of this match and they’re looking so sloppy. The defence are all over the place for that third goal!


Just seen on ssn:

La Liga Latest, Eibar 3 Real Madrid 0

Wtf :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They have been shit for months this season :wink:


Where are they in the league?


They truly don’t give a fuck anymore, do they?




:grimacing: they doing an us from last season haha


#wengain :smile:


Maybe not Wenger, but I don’t think they particularly wanted Solari as manager. It seems like their hand was forced because of the time constraints on appointing a new manager and the fact that it’s mid season. They’ll have a new manager next season for sure.


Nice four year contract :grin:


Imo it was obvious that this season would go to shits for them but that it would look this bad?


Pretty funny to see Madrid collapse like this and rumors of Ramos failing a drug test. Couldn’t happen to a bigger asshole.


3-0 Eibar FT. Fucking love it!


Real Madrid into Europa League next season


No bother to us as we’ll be in the CL :sunglasses:


Valencia up at HT.

3-0 Valencia FT. They are finally on their way up.

2-0 Valencia

3-0 Valencia