La Liga Thread


Dunno just some tweets from Barca twitter.

I’ve only seen him ball so I couldn’t tell you.


Eibar - Alaves, Villarreal - Levante, Huesca - Getafe, Real Sociedad - Siviglia and Betis - Celta Vigo today. Alaves can mantain the 2nd place.
Alaves are literally flying atm. They are 1-0 up.

Alaves up at HT.
Eibar come back and win.

1-1 Eibar

2-1 Eibar

Villarreal-Levante 1-1 FT.

1-0 Levante

1-1 Villarreal. What a rocket!

Huesca-Getafe 1-1

1-0 Huesca

1-1 Getafe

Real Sociedad-Seville 0-0.
3-3 between Betis and Celta! Crazy game!

1-0 Betis

2-0 Betis

2-1 Celta

2-2 Celta

3-2 Celta

3-3 Betis


Espanyol-Real Sociedad today.




Sorry, Bilbao.


1-0 Espanyol at HT.

Espanyol are 2nd after beating Bilbao.


Levante and Real Sociedad play today.
Levante up at HT.

Bog comeback from Real Sociedad. 3-1 FT.

1-1 Real Sociedad

2-1 Real Sociedad

3-1 Real Sociedad


Valladolid - Eibar, Getafe - Valencia, Atl. Madrid - Ath. Bilbao and Girona - Leganes today.
Eibar 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.
Valencia drawing at HT as well.
Finally a win for Valencia! @will24

Atletico 1-0 down at HT.

1-1 now. Golazo!

Athletic up again!

2-2 Atletico

3-2 Atletico FT.


Nice come from behind win for Atletico


Girona 0-0 FT.


Alaves - Huesca, Barcellona - Betis, Seville - Espanyol, Vallecano - Villarreal and Celta Vigo - Real Madrid today.
Alaves 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Huesca

1-1 Alaves

2-1 Alaves FT. They keep going :slight_smile:

The :goat: is back!

Messi :giroud2:. Almost scored a beauty.
Betis score. Sergi Roberto completely owned here.

Almost 2-0. Barca’s defence :xhaka2:
2-0 now! Another deadly counter attack from Betis.


Barca 2-0 before half time.

Their defence is Swiss cheese now.


Betis close to the 3-0 :arteta:, What a joke of defence Barca have!
2-0 Betis at HT :facepalm:


Barca unlucky not to score here. Of course, it was Messi.
Barca close again.
They finally score thanks to a penalty.

3-1 Betis ahhaha!


Atletico are going to win the league at this rate.

Valverde is utterly shit.


It was such a disgrace Sampaoli was starting bums over Lo Celso at the world cup in midfield.

Ffs he was exactly what they were missing.

Stupid bald midget.




2-3 Barca. Messi :giroud3:

4-2 LOLLLLLLLLLL! Taxi for Barca’s defence!

Barca’s defence is worse than a swiss cheese :lol:. Great display from Betis. Fully deserved win for a very good manager.


Barca as a club is run by absolute mugs.

Valverde as a coach is just hilarious and the fact they were interested in Pogba and Willian says it all, no LB to provide cover for Alba after selling Digne. Also Pique is done at the top level, shouldn’t be commanding a starting spot at all.

Just a shambles all round, when Messi’s gone they’re fucked.


4-3 FT. Poor Messi having to play with these shit.