La Liga Thread


Ah Santi. Class is permanent :relaxed:


Oh Santi, how I miss you!


Leganes - Atl. Madrid, Real Madrid - Valladolid, Valencia - Girona and Vallecano - Barcellona today.
Atletico 0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT.

1-0 Atletico. Griezmann golazo!

1-1 Leganes


Leganes have just equalised late on against Atletico. Not sure what’s up with then this year as they have a strong squad but it seems as if they will struggle to win anything this season.


“Legends”, “string squad” :bellerin:


My english isn’t great, get off my back Luca


Just kidding mate. I do like you.


Haha I was just joking man. My phone autocorrects some words sometimes which makes my sentences incomprehensible :persevere:


Real only 0-0 at HT.
2-0 Real FT.

1-0 Real

2-0 Real


Valencia drawing again :facepalm:
1-0 Girona lol!

Valencia lose lol! @will24


Alba is such a god. Another perfect assist.


Awful awful season. Not sure how long Marcelino will last to be honest, especially after a positive summer.

Alba > Suarez looking a good combination this year


How did Rayo miss it!?
That was coming. Barca have been dire since the goal.

Barca hits the post! Great shot from Coutinho.
1-1 Barca at HT. Once again, Barca can’t focus against the weaker teams.
Barca losing now lol!

Rayo come close to the third. This Barca side are so weird.
Nice goal from Dembele. 2-2.


And Dembele can’t get a game :laca:


3-2 Barca lollll! Dracula is so in form this season.


Suarez stepping up to the plate.

Valverde is still super shit though.


3-2 Barca FT. So basically they only play when they want. They struggle to perform a lot against the likes of Rayo, Leganes and so on. Thanks god for them Suarez has decided to be a player again this season.


dembele has been shit lately apparenty.


Yeah he’s hit and miss. Part is his attitude and him seemingly not knuckling down to get the best out of his potential and the other part is Valverde not being a fantastic man-manager. Will be interesting to see how his season turns out tbh, but he’ll out last Valverde at Barca

Anyway gutted for Rayo. Great performance but such a Rayo thing to concede two late goals, which is why they will be relegated.


When? From starting week in week out his performances were stand outs, then out of the blue he’s out of the team so it’s understandable he’s out of his flow.

IMO Coutinho hasn’t been great this season and shouldn’t necessrily be starting every game. He’s scoring here and there with his customary bangers but has been disappointing in other aspects.