La Liga Thread


Didn’t think I’d see the day, but Marca have balls man.


Meh. They should have done it in sequence of goals scored.


No goals scored against us during his time at Madrid. Haters will say it’s because we didn’t play them :sunglasses:


Still can’t believe Real made a profit on their original transfer paid. Great deal for them.
All that consistent world class service for only his wages.


Is Real Madrid’s new thing to put out official statements denying every transfer rumour to them?! :joy:


They are cocky fuckers, tbh.


I hope they release a third one saying we are absolutely not signing Neymar, full details in the video below and then the video is like pew pew :tada: :fireworks: WELCOME NEYMARRRR 7 :fireworks: :tada: pew


Not to mention the insane shirt sales and other commercial benefits…

It is one of the failings of AFC under Arsene’ was a bit too much “handbrake” in the transfer market.


Those pew pews really cracked me up for some reason


Madrid will either put all the eggs in the Mayoral/Vinicius basket or they will break their transfer record to sign a top class winger/striker .

Althoug i think Asensio seems to be good enough to play there, they should recall james and give him another chance.


Hazard is coming for sure.



Cheeky bid for him? :unai:


This one really went under the radar

Good signing


I guess not for 90 mil :xhaka:


@will24 Arthur gonna do bits this season and get Barca that CL you think?

hows he been doing preseason so far?


From what I’ve read and heard he’s the real deal. They’ve honestly really missed a player like him since Xavi left, as they’ve had to rely on Rakitic to control the game and dominate the ball, which he just can’t do.

With Artur and Coutinho I expect them to be more enjoyable to watch and more competitive in the CL. They are definitely my early favourites for it now, but that doesn’t mean much in August haha.


Uff, dunno about putting a Valverde managed team as favourites for the CL. Certainly have a chance but I’d put PSG or City before them.


After last season it seems impossible not to fall in love with Betis. Definitely going to support them in the Europa


Better than puto Atletico. @AbouCuellar