La Liga Thread


Real would be crazy not to take the money.


Think this is going to happen, and it seems perfect for all three parties concerned


Crazy fee


Really? He could potentially have another two great seasons in him I think.

He gets to test himself in a new league with a team that are in contention for the title again + still a force in the CL.

Suspecting the promotion hype around this will be immense too.



I don’t think Juve care if he’s the catalyst that leads them to the CL trophy.

If they win that then the fee is negligible.


Odriozola to Real Madrid. I guess he is good, right? @will24




@Luca_from_Italy he looks like a pretty good prospect! They have a thing for young Spanish players now haha


Yeah, told you he is coming in the next hours.


It’s going to happen, isn’t it? :flushed:


Massive coup by Real Madrid


Is this a case of Ronaldo picking Juve? I know it’s a lot of money and many would argue a bad idea, but it still seems odd that Juve have had a complete free run at this.


They’ve made a profit on the fee they paid in 2009 :joy::joy:

I don;t understand Italian but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out then he says a medical and announcement will take place soon

@Phoebica I think it’s a bit of both. Juventus seem like a perfect fit for Ronaldo, but I also don’t see many clubs paying that money for Ronaldo, especially as PSG and United seem like they were always out of question


Was about to say, truly puts the ‘oh this player is shit as only one club is in for him!!!’

When the best player in the world only has one club interested in him, it makes it more complicated.

Ronaldo wanted Juve as he feels disrespected by Perez not making good on his promise of a new contract.

Agnelli then was happy to give him the net wages he wanted and when the Juve fans clapped him, he really appreciated that as you all saw. Also, I think he could have gone to Juve at 18 apparently.

Also for Juve, I guess this is a way for them to finally win another CL.

Sounds like Perez had his ego hurt bad, as they have agreed more than the €100million verbal clause agreed before, when I guess Perez didn’t think anyone would pay it.



I’m a bit surprised that Ronaldo didn’t insist on this announcement being made on a different day.

I didn’t think his ego would cope with being upstaged by #TorreiraTuesday:grin:

No, really I was thinking along this line…


He’s certainly going to be paid a shitload of money with Juve, but props to Ronaldo for picking another challenge in a different league, If he wins the CL with Juve, I don’t know what Buffon would do.


Going to be weird watching La Liga without Messi and Ronaldo playing in it. I wonder if Madrid will pursue Hazard now? Mbappé and Neymar seem out of reach this summer


Juve seem to have a penchant for pensioners dont they. Mind you Ronaldo could give them any season still but i reckon he will start losing his pace soon enough. He will be good enough to keep them going in their league but cup competitions he will slowly not be as capable anymore.