La Liga Thread


Kane’s speech impediment would actually be helpful to him if he learned Spanish.


Real must be cursing Artetas Catalan heritage right about now.


Lol! The ultimate cunt :rofl:


Surely Pochettino is incredibly unlikely given the fact that he just signed a long term deal?


Come on :pray:


Zidane being Zidane, with his legendary playing career behind him he had the personality to get on with Madrid’s squad, and their squad is absolutely elite, which is why they won 3 CLs. Doesn’t mean he’s a great all round manager at all


Maybe he signed just for Spurs to get more money if he left.


HALA MADRID :heart_eyes:



Poch will bring Eriksen along with him.


Would be sweet. Both as an Arsenal and Denmark fan.


Hopefully Klaim as well.


This stat is just unreal :goat:




Guti apparently close to getting the Real job




He’s going!!!1


The headline to that Sid Lowe article is a bit misleading mind :laughing:

“When Real Madrid call you, you have to listen to them. Although in this case it doesn’t depend on me. I have just signed a long contract with Tottenham and I am very happy here.
I am happy at Tottenham because they let me work and we are growing together. Right now I want to focus on planning for next season and keep out of all the things that are being said. There will be lots of rumours, lots of things said, but I have no news from Real Madrid."


Still not a denial though, he didn’t say he didn’t want the job.

When Low was asked about the job, he said, “I rule this out totally”.

Poch left it a bit open. I’m clinging on to that :grin:




Fuck Guti man. I mean, fair play Zidane did more than you ever expected but I believe Guti would 100% be getting the sack.

This Real Madrid dressing room seems to be showing major cracks with the Bale saga and Ronaldo’s frequent shenanigans.