La Liga Thread


Valencia up at HT against La Coruna.

2-1 Valencia FT.

2-0 Valencia

2-1 La Coruna

Espanyol up against Bilbao

Espanyol leading at HT.
1-0 Espanyol FT.
Atletico 1-0 down against Eibar atm.

Atletico 1-1 at HT. Torres equalizes.

Atletico leading now. Torres again.

2-2! Nice game. Super golazo!

2-2 FT.


Torres scoring in his final game for Atletico :heart_eyes:


So eibar and Atletico 2-2.

Eibar another team that would end up doing enough to progress from the scoreline we had to defend at the Wanda Metropolitano.


Be careful Elec, you’re sounding a lot like Allardyce there :grin:


Iniesta’s touch :giroud2:
Typical end of the season game. Very boring.
Good chance for Real Sociedad here.
0-0 at HT. Dull game, but it was expected.
Coutinho golazo!

Iniesta subbed off in tears. Last game for him with Barca.
1-0 Barca FT.

Final verdicts:

Champions: Barcelona
Champions League: Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Valencia
Europa League: Villarreal, Betis Seville and Seville
Relegated: Deportivo, Las Palmas and Malaga



Heartbreaking. He is devastated to leave.


Why did he leave then? I am sure Barca would have given him another contract.


Huesca have been promoted to la Liga for the first time in their history!


Maybe it’s not too late to become an Atlético? If Simeone leaves in a couple years? :thinking:


Why don’t you spread your wings a bit and go slum it with Leganés?


I don’t fit in that well with the industrial types.


Go and support Rayo, then. Vallecas boys :wink:


Rayo are back! Cordoba are close to stay up, instead. @will24


I just got a message from a rayo supporting friend telling me about it :joy:

I’m glad they are back in the primera, hope Cordoba stay up too!!


Hopefully Rayo can pull out a surprise against Real. Would fucking love it!


Rumours of him coming back to Barca, I hope so as this Bayern thing doesn’t seem to be working out recently.

And somebody needs to defeat the Evil empire and a Busquets Rakitic Paulinho midfield ain’t it.


No midfield with Rakitic and Paulinho is good enough for a club of Barcelona stature that’s for sure.

I’m surprised Rakitic has lasted so long.



Rakitic is a quality player and fits in seamlessly at Barca.


Yeah, Rakitic is quality. Paulinho is indeed shit.