La Liga Thread


Super win for Villarreal over Atletico, scored 2 goals in the last 8 minutes to come from behind.


Wow, didn’t see that coming. Atletico sitting back till the death, sometimes the mentality can be a hindrance!

Title well over now surely.


Hanging on a lead is not always good. Title over.


Bastards just have the Europa league to play for now ffs.

But at least it proves they can be got at…


Just noticed that Barca are getting close to an invincible season. I wonder for a club that’s done so much will anyone give much of a shit about such an achievement?


I don’t remember a big deal being made about Juventus going unbeaten in 2012.


From what the Catalan media bang on about they seem to be focussed on the treble. I don’t actually think a Spanish team has every gone unbeaten, at least not in the modern era.


CR7 scores his fourth tonight. Absolutely insane player.


Exactly Elec. They are strong, but not unbeatable.


You say? :kos2:

However, what’s up with everyone scoring 4 goals during this weekend? :rofl:






Here’s the goals:


1-0 Levante

1-1 Eibar

2-1 Levante

Deportivo-Las Palmas

1-0 Las Palmas

1-1 Deportivo


1-0 Valencia

2-0 Valencia

2-1 Alaves

3-1 Valencia

Real Sociedad-Getafe

1-0 Real Sociedad

1-1 Getafe

2-1 Getafe


1-0 Leganes

2-0 Leganes

2-1 Seville

Barcellona-Athletic Bilbao

1-0 Barcellona

2-0 Barcellona

Villarreal-Atletico Madrid

1-0 Atletico

1-1 Villareal

2-1 Villarreal

Real Madrid-Girona

1-0 Real Madrid

1-1 Girona

2-1 Real Madrid

3-1 Real Madrid

4-1 Real Madrid

4-2 Girona

5-2 Real Madrid

5-3 Girona

6-3 Real Madrid


I had a 5-0 Ronaldo scorecast but it sounds like the Madrid game was a bit mental lol


Tbf that was because Milan already did it relatively recently.

And a decently sized deal is made about that.


How many league titles has Ronaldo won at Real in his 9 years at the club ?




21 goals in his last 11 games… that OG7 fella is having a decent second half to his season @AbouCuellar


Haha, yeah, my attitude on Ronaldo has changed a bit, I clearly was too quick to write him off. He’s a tremendous goalscorer, and still probably the 2nd best in the game, maybe third after Neymar.


Luis Suarez is obviously a fan of protestant architecture :rofl: