La Liga Thread


Messi out of the squad today as his wife has given birth!




Real up at HT. Of course, CR7.

2-1 Real FT. CR7 won it for Real after Eibar had equalized.

1-1 Eibar

2-1 Real Madrid


:joy: oh luca


Thiago’s cousin! Good goal!

Valencia up at HT.

2-0 Valencia FT. Rodrigo again.

Big win for Levante against Getafe to avoid relegation.

Lollllllll! :rofl: @AbouCuellar @will24


That ball by Alba was top class


Chance for Suarez. Great ball by Coutinho.
Wow! That pass from Alba! :cech: 1-0 Suarez!

Too easy for Barca. Another beautiful ball in.
I do feel sorry for Malaga. They are 3 levels below Barca.
WHAT A GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Fantastic backheel from Coutinho.

Malaga down to 10 men. From bad to worse for them.
Rakitic so close to another beauty.
Malaga should have scored here.
Malaga close again. They are playing with pride.
2-0 Barca at HT. Easy game for them, apart from some moments.
Nice try from Dembele here!
That would have been another great from Barca.
2-0 Barca FT. 11 points above Atletico atm.


Will Barca get an unbeaten league season ? Only 10 games away now is it ?


Still got to play Real Madrid at the Camp Nou but they’re looking good for it


What happened here then?


didnt go to toilet on time he held it in like a naughty preschooler hehe


Me cago en tu puto Ramos :ozil2:


Sounds like he shat himself a bit


Should be an easy win for Atletico today.


A lot of hype around this guy


Real Sociedad up at HT against Espanyol.

Comeback done for Espanyol! 2-1 FT for them.

1-1 Espanyol

2-1 Espanyol


dear lord Griezmann’s finish. Luca hook a forum up with a vid


Some strike!


Celta so unlucky to hit the post here.
And now it’s game over. Vitolo, with a great Griezmann’s assist.

3-0 Correa

Celta would deserve a goal at least.
Costa looks injured, as he was limping. Torres on.
3-0 Atletico FT. Still 8 points behind Barca.
Villareal 0-0 at HT.
Villareal are back in 6th with a 2-0 win against Las Palmas.

1-0 Villareal

2-0 Villareal

Bilbao 2-0 up against Leganes at HT. Raul Garcia’s brace.

1-0 Bilbao

2-0 Bilbao

2-0 Bilbao FT.


Alaves-Betis today.
2-0 Betis at HT.

1-0 Betis

2-0 Betis

3-1 Betis FT. They are in contention for a place in the Europa League.

2-1 Alaves

3-1 Betis