La Liga Thread


Dortmund is a mess currently so Dembele is probably better at Barcelona.




Lool Messi taking the piss


Think his passes in the first 10 minutes were more impressive than anything he’s going to do for the rest of the game, which pretty much says everything!


Great goal


Going by your logic you must feel like you’re committing a crime, watching Messi, Suarez, Coutinho and co whilst paying zero…


Savage :joy:

Messi though, just playing with his victims isn’t he?


Lol! This was how to kill a team in few minutes :wenger:


Ahem @Luca_from_Italy

Goals? :eyes:




Banger from Coutinho



When he cuts in like that you just know the rest


Barca have been an absolute Joy to watch, their fans must pay insanely expensive ticket prices to be able to watch this match talent on show week in week out.


I am out. I promise to post all of them tomorrow.


Good ball in by Dembele


Good to see Dembele get that assist.


Haha enjoy mate. I shall wait until tomorrow :pray:t3:


That little move by Dembele was dirty, shame he gave the ball away.


Nothing to say when a good side like Girona got hammered in this way.


By my logic, I make no demands so I can feel free to watch his match for free.:sunglasses: