La Liga Thread


That could have led to a great goal if Gaya hadn’t misplaced the final pass.

Penalty to Valencia. Stonewall one. As expected, Malaga have collapsed once again. Our former gunner Miquel gets sent off. 2-1 Parejo

2-1 FT for Valencia. Still in 3rd.


Easy 2-0 for Real Sociedad at HT against Levante.

1-0 Real Sociedad

2-0 Real Sociedad


Is that Levante’s third kit? Nice.


Looking like an almost definite 4 way battle to avoid 3 relegation places: Levante, Las Palmas, Depor (too big to go down) and Malaga


Atletico 0-0 at HT against Bilbao.
Here we go. Their typical “one goal per game”. Boring cunts.

Wow! Atletico managed to score another one! :rofl:

2-0 FT for Atletico. They are always 7 points behind Barca.

Oblak :rofl:


Villareal 1-0 up at HT against Espanyol. Good goal.

1-1 FT. Seville overcome Villareal in 5th.

1-1 Espanyol. Great free kick.


Real up against Betis with Asensio.

Betis not giving up though. Nice game.
Oh Betis! A free header in the box completely missed!
Betuis should be level. That was a very dangerous shot.
Marcelo done his hamstring. Hernandez on.
1-1! Deserved. Real have been poor since scoring.

2-1 Betis lol! Bit of a fluke, tbh.


BETIS 2-1!


Chance for CR7.


It’s confirmed, Betis are very entertaining to watch :grinning:


Yeah, they fully deserve to be ahead.


Fabian Ruiz is one classy player.


€30m might deter some La Liga clubs but it’s peanuts for Premier League clubs.


Betis so close again.




That’s one tempting release clause.


Typical Ramos. Completely undeserved.

Chance for Bale. That goal have completely changed the game.
Bale close again.
It was coming. 3-2. Asensio again.


that was lit by carvajal.

Do Real Madrid have both the best LB and RB in the world?




GOAT scores