La Liga Thread


Girona and Leganes play today.


The funny thing is, Coquelin has better’d his chances of CL football next season by moving :joy:


Girona beat Leganes 3-0. Fantastic season for them.

1-0 Girona

2-0 Girona. Golazo!

3-0 Girona. Great header!


Tricky for Barca against Eibar today. Wouldn’t be surprised if they struggled again. Seville and Valencia should both win, instead.


Hope Barca do struggle. I want to see a title race!

Also, they might have one eye on the Chelsea match on Tuesday.


Well, Atletico back in the title race would be less focus on the Europa League :wink:


Seville up at HT against Las Palmas. Ben Yeder on the scoresheet.

2-1 Seville FT. They are 5th now.

2-0 Seville

2-1 Las Palmas


Nice game between Eibar and Barca so far, very end-to-end.
Messi-Suarez connection :wink: . 1-0 Dracula :sunglasses:

Risky from Barca here. Could have caused a penalty.


This is a quite enjoyable game. I definitely see more goals in this one.


Barca barely concede goals this season. Valverde has organized them well.
Coutinho on.
Barca parking the bus lol!
Really stupid red card from Orellana! Double yellow for kicking the ball away.
Eibar manager off as well :rofl:


Eibar have really lost their heads here haha


Not a great second half, tbh. Barca have struggled a lot, but they have defended well. Vidal on for Paulinho. More defensive players on!
Barca struggling 10 vs. 11 :cech:
Game over. 2-0 Alba. Harsh on Eibar.


Felt as if a second was coming but Eibar have done well today. Going down to ten men didn’t help


And they still caused Barca problems though. Well-done Eibar!


True or not true?

I didn’t see the match


I can confirm Barca were crap. Eibar deserved at least 1 point. Barca couldn’t even hold the ball 11 vs. 10.


Another defeat for La Coruna. Munir with a superb golazo!


Malaga up against Valencia :rofl:

1-0 Malaga at HT. It would be a miracle if Malaga managed to win the game, considering they are gifting points to everyone :smile:
Malaga have a goal just disallowed. Don’t understand why, tbh.
Now Malaga miss an easy header from inside the box. Valencia look awful today.
Zaza and Rodrigo on for Mina and Vietto.
Finally a chance for Valencia with Zaza. Great movement in the box.


Coq manages to do something for Valencia in a month, that he couldn’t manage to do in like over 150 appearances for Arsenal lol.


Coquelin did a goal? :open_mouth: