La Liga Thread


COUTINHOOOOOOOOOOO! First goal for him with Barca! Suarez to assist :wink:

Coutinho playing just behind Messi and Suarez now.


Any video of Coquelin’s earlier pass?


How did Domenech save it? It looks Messi was gonna score for sure here.
When Messi is on fire he is better than sex :giroud2:
Messi didn’t score because it was handball!
Guedes close to equalize.
Messi too slow here. Suarez with another good assist.
Garay did his hamstring here.
Coutinho tries one of his typical Liverpool rockets.
WHAT A SAVE FROM CILLESSEN! “The green octopus” Ray Hudson :rofl:
Valencia deserve to equalize for all their effort.

5 Years ago, it was Suarez who assisted Coutinho’s debut goal for Liverpool. Today, he did the same with FC Barcelona.

2-0 Rakitic! Suarez with another assist.

Mina makes his debut for Barcelona.
Barca reach the final. Harsh result for Valencia.



That’s a nice story


Great performance. Too bad his earlier days antics are still etched in my head to like him.

I have however grown to appreciate his game even more in recent years mostly because of Xhaka.
Wish he get someone who can do the simpler stuffs as well as Busquets does.


I’d still take him there, despite being a massive prat. The same thing goes for Suarez.


Athletic Bilbao-Las Palmas today.


Overrated, Schneiderlin on his Southapton form is just as good. :cowboy_hat_face::flushed:


Is there a chance of getting last minute tickets for Barcelona on 25th?

Do they completely run out?


You should be able to! They rarely sell out at the Camp Nou, and recently their attendances have been really poor. It does of course depend on the game but I think you’ll be able to get a few tickets easy enough


Barcelona Girona on 25th.

I suspect that is no where near high profile to be a complete sell out, i suppose?


Yeah you should easily be able to get a ticket for that one! If you look online now you’ll probably see them on general sale




Bilbao 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT. Maybe Las Palmas could stay up in the end. They seem to be on their way up recently.


Alaves up at HT against Villareal. Odd goal.

2-1 Alaves FT.

2-0 Alaves

2-1 Villareal

Atletico already up against Malaga with Griezmann.

1-0 Atletico at HT. Once again, 1 shot, 1 goal. If Atletico don’t score first they are pretty fucked. That’s key to stop them.
Fantastic save from Oblak. Really a top, top keeper.
It’s really hard to watch Atletico, really hard. They just don’t give a fuck about attacking. Only score once and then defend to death 'til the end. 1-0 for them FT.
Eibar are sixth after defeating Leganes :smiley:


Madrid up against La Coruna. Good goal from Vazquez.

Ahahah CR7 such a pussy for a normal contact! He went to the floor like he was shot dead. But now he scores the 2-0.

Kroos! Golazo!

4-0 CR7 lol! Real Sociedad just conced for fun!

Madrid aren’t pushing as hard as they could in the second half because they don’t really need it.

Consolation goal for Real Sociedad.

Hattrick for CR7. Easy to score against the worst defence in the league.

Well, Real’s defence is still shit :rofl:. 5-2.

Almost the 4th for CR7.
5-2 FT for Real who are 3rd now.


that assist by Ronaldo for the opener :giroud2:

Also the Kroos goal :giroud2: :giroud2:

CL KO stage approaching so I guess Ronaldo wakes up. That defence is comical though lol. RM - PSG is going to be interesting for sure.


Another game another 1-0 win for Simeone’s Atletico.


Seville 0-0 at HT.
1-0 to Montella’s team FT. They are back in 6th now.