La Liga Thread


Coutinho starts on the bench against Valencia.
Strong start from Barca.
Valencia can’t come out of their half. Barca are tearing them apart.
Incredible how Barca are yet to score after being so dominant.
Suarez just inch away from scoring.
0-0 HT. Barca being dominant, but couldn’t find a way through.


Pereira and Roberto :rofl:

They’re both lucky to still be on the pitch. Roberto especially.


Messi close. Good save from the keeper.
Valencia a bit more attacking now.
Countinho on.
GOAL BARCA! About time and deserved. Suarez deflected.

Paulinho on for Rakitic.


That’s 16 goals in 16 games now for Suárez. Average return :grin:


Umtiti is really good.


Some shot by Paco here. Just too straight at the keeper.
Crazy from Cillessen to come out of his box in this way. Valencia could have equalized :cech:
1-0 Barca FT. One of the most dominant displays i have seen from Barca in the last years.


Real Sociedad-La Coruna today.


Nah I wish I did mate haha. I always liked Valencia in the 2000s and especially so when they had David Villa. My following to some extent or Barça stems from the fact that Messi is the GOAT :slight_smile:.

After visiting the Mestella it confirmed to me how grwat a club it is too! Even I was unfortunate enough to see them play under Gary Neville haha


1-0 Real Sociedad at HT.

5-0 Real Sociedad FT. Think Depor are going down without any doubt.

2-0 Real Sociedad

3-0 Real Sociedad

4-0 Real Sociedad

5-0 Real Sociedad


Bloody hell, goals, goals, goals tonight. 5 in one La Liga match. 5 in one Bundesliga match and 9 in a Ligue 1 match! Why did I go out?!

Deportivo though, conceded 14 goals in 3 games :grimacing:


Don’t worry, you can find my goal updates :wink:


Seville play against Eibar in 20 minutes.
3-1 Eibar at HT. Montella not doing well in the league.

2-0 Eibar

2-1 Seville

3-1 Eibar

5-1 FT. Fantastic Eibar! I do really hope they finally qualify to the Europa League :smiley:

4-1 Eibar

5-1 Eibar


Betis up against Villareal.

2-1 Betis FT. They are now in the Europa League zone.

2-0 Betis

2-1 Villareal

Alaves 2-0 up at HT against Celta. Celta would miss the chance to go 6th.

1-0 Alaves

2-0 Alaves

2-1 Alaves FT.

2-1 Celta


Real up against Levante thanks to Sergio Ramos. Fucking silly cock up from Levante’s goalie :wenger2:

CR7 can’t take free kicks anymore.
Christ! Levante’s goalie can’t catch a ball to save his life. Almost 2-0 to Real.
Real’s defence strike again! 1-1 after that they haven’t had any shot on target.

1-1 FT. P.S.G. are gonna have a field day with this defence.
Levante have understood they can cause Real problems so they are attacking.
So easy to counter attack Real. Navas saves them here.
Nice game, end-to-end stuff.
Isco does everything well, apart from the final shot.
Ahhhhh Benzema! Deserved the goal here.
Real are closing Levante down like in the first half. Couple of dangerous situations for them now.
Pazzini on. He is on loan from Verona.
Isco puts Real ahead again. It was coming.

Seriously, how Levante did miss it?
PAZZOOOOOOOOOO! Scored on his debut!




Great pass.


2-2 FT. P.S.G. are gonna destroy them so badly.


Zidane is done


P.S.G. are gonna take care of him.


Take De Gea as well :pray: