La Liga Thread


Coutinho on.
How did Suarez and Rakitic miss the third here? :cech:


Messi casually taking four players out of the game


Wow! Coutinho so close with one of his powerful shots.
Messi hits the post.
2-0 FT. Barca are through. Never a problem for them.


Barça - Valencia, Leganes - Sevilla in the semi-finals of the copa.


Would love a Barca-Leganes final, but Seville look on their way up now.


1-1 between Bilbao and Eibar. I do really hope Eibar can finally qualify to the Europa League.


Wow, Levante come from 2-0 down away at Deportivo to get a 2-2 draw. Could be a pretty big point for Levante at the end of the season (and a dissatorous point for Deportivo).


Was about to post it. Think La Coruna, Malaga and Las Palmas are going down. They look very poor.

Valencia-Real now!


I really hope Las Palmas find a way to stay up. They’ll close the 5 point (?) gap I think but will probably just fall short. I also suspect Depor will edge out Alaves, which would be a shame as I don’t want either club to go down. Will be happy if Malaga go down though, never liked them much. Plus they use to have a reporter on 5 Live who was a malaga fan, he spouted crap most of the time.

Time for Valencia anyway :grinning: Real Madrid usually struglle here but they’re playing so bad right now that they’ll probably suprise everyone and get a win…


Coq playing CB for Valencia :arteta:


For fuck sake. So typical that when Valencia are favourites Madrid take the lead.


Should be investigated for match fixing.


Kondogbia should’ve scored then really, but the ball actually looked like it went out of play before he shot. Pretty sure the VAR system we have in England would’ve clarified that for the ref lol.


It wasn’t Coq who gave the penalty away though, I was surprised to hear.

It is pretty amazing though. He could just about make our squad. And now he is playing CB against Real Madrid, tasked with stopping BBC - who are playing together for the first time since April.


Fuck sake, another penalty for Real Madrid scored by Ronaldo, 2-0.

Montoya who gave the penalty away AGAIN, such a clumsy defender. Looked rather soft though, but I’m happy enough to blame Montoya for being so fuckign stupid.

Looked like a clear penalty on Parejo, of course it’s not given.


The first pen tackle was a work of art. No idea how he was expecting to win the ball there.

Although I guess it was gonna be a goal already

Could have scored the header just there, valencia


Penaldo is back FFS! He can only score in this way atm. @will24 was right about this game.


Deserved goal for Valencia. Madrid defence dogshit

Valencia playing much better now.

I haven’t seen Benzema all game long apart from the 2nd pen and when he misplaced 2 passes in the 1st half with much confidence.

Now he shows up again to foul Coq clumsily. He really is dogshit now.

Zidane does a Wenger, takes Bale off (their best player today)

Feel like @Luca_from_Italy with all these updates


Cheers mate!