La Liga Thread


Sevilla have been better, and Sarabia and Ever Banega who can sometimes be a bit on and off have been great tonight


Dunno, can’t really get behind Sevilla after what happened with Snape.


3-1 FT for Seville. Absolutely deserved win. Montella is finally getting his grip on the team.


All hail great Simione


:rofl: you are really pissed at that bet loss.


They are good, but it would have been more difficult some years ago. We can beat them in the Europa League.


Alaves-Valencia 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Alaves

1-1 Valencia

2-1 Alaves now. They would go to ET.

ET! Great result for Alaves.
Penalties now :smile:. Valencia shooting themselves in the foot.
Valencia win 3-2 on penalties.


Comical defence from Real once again! 1-0 Leganes!

Real down at HT lol!
1-1 Benzema. Nice goal.

2-1 Leganes! Great header!

@AbouCuellar, time to take the piss out of madridistas! Real are out ahahah! GET IN!



Zidane is definitely getting the sack soon, some shambolic results. Fair play to leganes though, really pleased for them!


What the fuck is going on?

Arsenal in our worst were not as bad


It’s seems weird talking about sacking a manager who has just won 5 trophies in a year.

I think he’ll get at least until after their CL games v PSG though. Lose that tie and it’s goodbye.



Yeah, even when they were winning things, Real barely looked impressive. Zidane can’t coach them.


Well he always seemed a bit of a rich man’s Di Matteo,
In that the players probably liked him because he was nice and diplomatic (and respected him because he was a world class player) so they played well for him out of themselves.


Never enjoyed so much the suffering of a man with Asperger’s.


Coutinho on the bench for Barca against Espanyol.
Suarez! 1-0 Barca. Espanyol are getting ripped apart.




Credit to Valverde. He makes him a player again.


Espanyol is getting kicked off the park atm.
Indeed. 2-0 Messi deflected.

You just can’t get the ball off Messi :giroud2:

2-0 Barca at HT. So fucking easy for them.
Espanyol are trying to defend the 2-0 to score a late goal to qualify. Don’t think they will succeed.


Coutinho time.