La Liga Thread


It looks light yellow.


Betis with their typical shit defence. 2-0 Messi.


Betis are great going forward but very vulnerable at the back

Game over, 3-0. Nice finsih from Suarez!


Fantastic goal from Suarez. He’s been very good tonight.


Suarez in a great form recently.


Yep, his form has definitely recovered.



Yep. Back to his best.


Jesus, what was Adán doing there?


It’s shit.


Emulating Cech.


4-0 Barca, way too easy for them this season. Must say they look very impressive!


Messi made that look hella easy. Just dancing past players.

I’m going to make a bold prediction now… I think Barcelona might win the league :sunglasses:


Lol Messi is just unreal. So many fouls against him are not given because he eventually skips past them


Almost 5-0. Betis have been destroyed in the second half.


Messi making a mockery of Betis’s defence again.

“Demonic skills” Hudson :rofl:


Messi :drooling_face:


Messi and Suarez so deadly together again! 5-0 El Pistolero!

5-0 FT. Barca show in the secon half.


Messi and Suarez have some unreal connection. It’s as if Neymar never existed :sunglasses:

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That is just horrendous defending regardless of Messi’s genius.


Yeah, Betis are not famous for their defending. Good side though.


Eibar 1-0 down at HT.

1-1 FT.