La Liga Thread


Real madrid really fucked up their successful team.

They shoud have kept morata, james and mariano. This team looks so weak and lacking team chemistry.


Real need Wenger :wenger2:


Wow. Didn’t know it was this bad.


It’s just a case of Ronaldo not scoring much, he’s been setting up plenty of stuff but then Benzema isn’t scoring either lol I mean their entire front 3 needs replacing sooner rather than later, Benzema because he is and never was a 30+ goal striker but rather the best playing striker you could get that would accept giving the lime light to Ronaldo, and Bale, while he has been great, is injured too much to be reliable but he is holding up a spot.

They should just raid our PL opponents for a new front three. Get any 3 out of say Hazard, Kane, Aguero, De Bruyne and Sanchez. And can they get the damn De Gea guy while they’re at it lol


Espanyol leading Malaga at HT. Guess Malaga are going down this season.

1-0 Espanyol

1-0 Espanyol FT.


The Copa del Rey round of 16 second leg starts today with Atletico and Valencia.
Atletico 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Carrasco

2-0 Gameiro

3-0 Vitolo

3-0 Atletico FT. Easy for them.


Valencia up at HT. Vietto.

2-0 Valencia

3-0 Valencia

4-0 Vietto. Amazing goal

4-0 Valencia FT. They are through as well.


That last goal :giroud2:

Hasn’t scored in 18 games and then scores a hat-trick. Awesome.


Would’ve been 5-0 with Coquelin


You are selling to the wrong audience.


I missed this from last week, after Real Betis’ 5-3 win:


Alex Iwobi hands in transfer request and tells Arsenal he wants to join Betis :wink:


Holy shit is Joaquin still playing?!! I remember buzz around his name in like 2004, I haven’t heard his name at all in what feels like ten years lol


Leganes up at HT, while Alaves draw.

1-0 Leganes

1-1 Villareal

1-0 Alaves

Alaves and Leganes are through.

2-0 Alaves

2-1 Villareal

Real up against Numancia.

1-1 Numancia.

2-1 Real

2-2 Numancia

2-2 FT. Real can’t even beat Numancia, even if it didn’t matter.


Seville and Espanyol up at HT.

1-0 Seville

1-0 Espanyol

2-0 Espanyol

Espanyol and Seville are through.

2-0 Seville

2-1 Cadiz

Barca with their big guns to go through.




Everything is just so easy for Messi. 1-0.

Messi again. Speechless.


2 goals in 3 minutes.

Alba to Messi
Alba to Messi

The bromance is beautiful.


Iniesta close to the 3-0. Celta are getting hammered.


Now Messi- Alba for the third :rofl: