La Liga Thread


Leganes win. They score few goals, but they also don’t concede.


Dembele starts for Barca.
Barca playing with a 4-4-2 when they defend and 4-3-3 when they attack.
Leo! Here we go! Nice move!

Barca all over Levante.
LOL! How did Levante not equalize here? He had a completely free shot on target.
Levante with another decente chance. Barca tend to fall asleep at the back sometimes.
That was a bad miss from Barca!

Ray Hudson lol!!!

What a finish from Suarez! 2-0!

2-0 Barca at HT. Levante didn’t do that bad, but Barca are just too strong for them.


Messi and Alba are superb together.
3-0 FT for Barca. Paulinho with the 3rd. He has been a good signing in the end.


Arsenal-esque defending for Real here! Celta up!
Cool finish from Bale. 1-1.

1-0 Celta

1-1 Real

Arsenal have decided to play again today. 2-1 Bale again. Terrible defending.


I think Gareth Bale is a better player than Real Madrid fans give him credit for.


Yeah, he clearly doesn’t fit Real. Need to go back to the Premier League.


Would take him here despite his past


Real close to the third with Bale again.


Some good play leading up to that penalty.



Fucking Celta Vigo missing the penalty!


Hahaha 2-2


YES! Completely free in the box lol!


Ronaldo isn’t looking good these days, he’s a bit like Alexis in he gets great numbers but is quite poor at the basics


He is aging. Just it.


Graham Hunter said in the La Liga preview that Real would start comfortably beating teams in the new year. That’s gone well :grinning:


2-2 FT. Real 16 points behind Barca lol!

2-2 Celta


Yeah Ronaldo should retire soon and become an underwear model, would be better to watch than his football these days :eyes:


Thought Ronaldo had more, what’s going on :disappointed:


He’s surely due an explosion of goals.


Think he’s been playing well but it’s been a chaotic season for him, with the ban and whatnot.

Main thing for me is Benzema, he is fucking shit and needs replacing asap. He isn’t even linking up properly now.