La Liga Thread


I said to my friend before that he got his 500th La liga (or Barça) goal in the Bernabeu last year so he would break the record here again haha

Honestly though second half Madrid have been dire, not sure what happened at half time…


Bye bye title! Credits to Valverde for having turned it around after the Super Cup.


I don’t think there’s many I dislike more than Messi. He’s painted as a saint but dives like the rest of them, whines like the rest of them, and is so bland.

That picture of him crying with Alexis smiling behind after the copa America is almost as iconic to me as Rui Costa and Materazzi in 2005 with all the flares in the background.



I agree he is no saint, some like to portray him as one (Probably because him and Cristiano are opposites). But apart from that I just live watching him play, definitely up their with maradona for me!


For every video like that there are videos of him diving. Don’t get me wrong there are players who are far worse at it and more frequent with it, but he’s not perfect.

@will24 Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho, fuck even kaka on his best days were more enjoyable for me.


Fair enough football is a game of opinions after all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did love kaka pre 2009 though probably just as much as I do Messi now. He was more of an explosive player than Messi who (especially since 2015) likes to control it more.

Kaka vs Manchester United in 2007 was memorable over them two legs.


Oh godss

Best ever.


Yeah, like I can’t deny Messi’s talent, he’s a little bit of all the best players rolled into one, and one of the best of all time, possibly the best of all time, but I’ve seen higher peaks from others.


3-0 defeat at home against your bitter enemy :smile:. You couldn’t make it up.


Zidane will have a fun Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though that second half performance from Madrid was scandalous. No way many will tolerate that


Messi is goat.


Real Fraudrid showing up again I love it.

@Luca_from_Italy I need to see the goals my g


Barcelona really turned it around since the predicted doom in summer especially after Neymar left.

I wish Barca meet PSG and maul them, showing Neymar that Messi is THE GOAT.


I am out until tomorrow. Gonna post it tomorrow evening.


Reddit soccer always have the goals if you want to see them


That’s my job, tbh.


What peak has been higher than Messi’s peak?

People have become so accustomed to Messi’s brilliance that they can’t even comprehend it any more, and look for reasons to chip away at it.


I think he means in terms of entertainment value.


Ronaldo. Dribbling with both feet with the accuracy of Savicevic and the speed of Kaka, and the finishing in the box almost on par with Romario, his career isn’t as good as Messi, but when it comes to speed, power, skill and entertainment combined, those years in psv, Barcelona and inter before his knees went, Ive never seen better.

The only player to make me enjoy watching inter, and one of only three (I mentioned them in my earlier comment) to make me enjoy watching Barcelona.