La Liga Thread


Visca el Barca! Puto Madrid!


Iniesta and Modric the best players for either team at the moment


0-0 at HT. Balanced game.


Good 0-0 game so far. The verminator having a bad game though.


Ooohhh !

Great assist by Roberto, brilliant by Busquets in the build up!


Great goal

Cutback kings


Lovely, lovely goal. Sergi Roberto is just superb in them moments, class player.


Modric’ tracking back non-existent. Shocking that




Order is resumed, Ramos has just got booked


Fucks sake this ref is a bumder.

Can’t even have Messi lose what a shit season for football.
And Suarez should’ve never played football after the chiellini Shit. Such a bellend.


Wtf is Ramos doing?!?!


Kovacic following Messi during the goal :joy:


Carvajal :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Title done and dusted.



Fuck you Carvajal. Fucking hate him


How can an arsenal fan hate a Madrid player more than any of these Barca cunts? They’ve cheated you out of so much shit?


Zidane showing his lack of nous as a manager.

Real should have gone to a back three, Nacho is a pointless sub.


They haven’t cheated though to be fair, in either tie I can remember they’ve comfortably been better

I hate Ramos and Carvajal more than anyone in la liga, and love Leo more than anyone in football haha