La Liga Thread


Anything on the Spanish La Liga in here.


It’s gonna be interesting to see how Atletico are gonna start again after such a disappointment in the Champions League final. Sampaoli at Seville is another thing to look at.


They have Griezmann. They will be alright! Possibly Diego Costa as well.


Costa back would suit Atletico so well :santi2:


Ganso is finally in Europe!


Definitely gonna follow Sevilla next season.


I can see him fitting well in the spanish football. He’s just adapt to their style of play.



Madrid’s highly rated striker Borja Mayoral has gone on loan to Wolfsburg.


Vietto to Barcellona.


Barcelona really do like their transfers.


He grew up to look like a child molester.


Villarreal signed Alexandre Pato!


WOW, Argentine FA are trying to raise around €8m to buy out Sampaoli’s contract and give him the NT job. Sampaoli’s lawyer has said he wants the job.


Wow! Sampaoli has just signed for Seville and he is already leaving!


I like the guy but he’s cunt.


[quote=“TheSpecialCnut, post:16, topic:124, full:true”]
I like the guy but he’s cunt.
[/quote]Don’t you mean cnut?


Atletico have confirmed the signing of Gamero from Sevilla for about €40m.

Top signing for them and means Costa will probably stay at Chelsea.


Glad he didn’t bend over for Barca.


No Vietto in the deal? Good for La Liga though. Atletico keep it up with Barca and Real with this signing.