Kylian Mbappe

Camavinga - Valverde

What a fucking attacking lineup


What about Tchouameni.

Madrid are also interested in Alphonso Davies and Lenny Yoro.

If you take into the account their age, that’s a golden generation being built while Barca are out there pulling levers to bring a semi-retired Gundogan and Lewandowski.

yeah, forget him

No. I think he’ll just miss PSG so much, that he’ll end up back there.

To be an era defining player, he can’t waste away at PSG. He’ll have a lengthy career at Madrid.

He’ll need managers who will keep him in line though.

Doesn’t make sense for Madrid to sign him anymore. They don’t need a new star like they did in the past and it’ll just cause them more problems along the front line than it’s worth.

Mbappe wasted his career already.


His club career has been pretty underwhelming and is more well known for his ego than his football.
He might be a highly skilled footballer but his attitude stinks and is far too disruptive for what he’ll cost.

be honest, don’t see him “improve” as a footballer in terms of footballing skills in the past couple of years.

He’s an incredible player. Generational. He belongs at Madrid.

His commercial value means that Madrid will make it happen. I do wonder what it means for Endrick though.

in addition of Endrick and Guler (and a bunch), Madrid doesn’t really need Mbappe right now.

They are already stack in young, fantastic players.

Remember it’s Madrid we’re talking about, they are a gluttonous club when it comes to players.


imo they very much need him and it is a couple of years overdue. the bar is set different there. they’re getting by with a front three consiting of one great player and two alright ones. they play a traditionally naïve defense based on outscoring their opponent and are currently looking better than they should in the league thanks to the league being record bad with pretty much all the usual suspects (Barca, Atletico, Sevilla, Valencia, even Villareal) underperforming at the same time.

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Agree to disagree…
like you said it’s been overdue for a couple of years already and the (original) ship has sailed.
To have Mbappe, it is just like adding another piece on their already star-studded Galactico.
Will they be better? Of course.
Do they really need him to win? Don’t think so.

It is more like adding a “name/brand” on their team but not really adding a “player” on the field.
Having him wont’ actually transform their team to another level.

They can use Mbappe’s money to add two or three really good players.


Needing players has never been a deterrent for Madrid.

Mbappe takes them clear of their rivals in Spain and possibly pushes them ahead of City. As good as Bellingham and Vinicius are - Mbappe is a cut above.

They do not really need to use the Mbappe money though. Modric is more than likely playing his last season, maybe Kroos as well. Both have already been replaced.

Mbappe is an expensive free transfer.

check the age of their players… I think they may have a younger squad than us.

Mbappe is 26, and for how many years he can have his explosiveness on his dribbling?
a couple of years?

he just turned 25. he can prolly do it for another 5 years, and then his finishing and game sense is still stellar, he is not a one-trick pony imo.


His speed and power are both incredible assets, but he’s a brilliant footballer as well.

Didn’t realise he was 26! He really needs this move then as he’s about to kick into his prime.

They don’t right now but it’s likely they do next season if Modric, Kroos among others go and Mbappe, Davies and Yoro join.

Madrid under Perez certainly have a “we buy the best players, then we figure out how we fit them and if someone needs to go to make space” approach.

Someone will most likely go but we won’t find out who that is until after Mbappe arrives. I would say anyone bar Bellingham and then maybe Vini are on the table.

There’s definitely a transfer opportunity that may pop up in the summer.