KT Celtic bhoy

Delighted for arsenal to beat they chelsea Hun wanks, but more so for Tierney was a a huge decision to leave his boyhood team but and a know there’s a few Celtic fans that need to get there hole or something but some of the critisim towards his has been a riddy, a wish nothing but success for him and arsenal in the coming season good luck and enjoy the celebration


Loved when he patched the national anthem, best wishes for the 10 my friend. :raised_hands:

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Glad he could overcome the handicap of beginning his career at Celtic to play professional football at a high level.


Welcome to the forum mate. You’re lad didn’t play much early going due to injuries but he seems to be coming into his own and definitely has a steely attitude. Been played as a left centre back right now in a back 3 right now.

No problemo ma man, did he actually patch the national anthem? I’m quite shocked at that, a thot he wd have just respected it, hope he doesn’t get any greif for doing that pretty daft in my opinion

Thanks bud it’s a pleasure his best position is defo left back either with a back 3 or a back 4 but his best going forward and sending balls into the box so wide left in a 352 would suit aswell, see his injuries he got kicked to fuck in Scottish football and the refs game him no protection atoll, if you have time there’s a leg breaker challenge when he just came back from injury you can see it on YouTube against Motherwell and the player never got sent off his first touch after being out Scots refs are not the greatest

Ally Mccoist trying to claim Rangers are level with Arsenal in terms of pull and no surprise to hear him say he likes Chelsea :rofl: