Kostas Manolas


Would be a great signing


Roma will not sell Manolas this year because the 50% of the fee will be for Olympiakos. Next year not, Manolas knows it and has accepted to remain with giallorossi another year.


Yeah, I dunno why journalists keep pushing Manolas rumours. You either got to spend a ridiculous fee or Roma roll over and receive an amount of money not even close to his market value.


No chance we’ll get this guy. Just too expensive.


We should have got him two years ago. I fear it’s too late now.


As they are out from the Champions League, Roma need to sell their best players. We seem to be after him again. One of our scout was in Roma yesterday.


He’d be the ideal addition but it seems very unlikely given the sell-on clause between Olympiakos and Roma.

You’d basically need to cut a three way deal in which Olympiakos agreed to a lower cut of the fee. They might do it if the alternative is waiting past September 1 and then getting no more than 6.5M in a future fee. But the more complicated these things get, the less likely they are to happen.