Kostantinos Mavropanos (Out on loan)

Not good enough for us or any semi-decent team, if it pleases you.

No, I did not really want to talk about Mr. Shit here.
I just want to say, Chambers is a better backup for us than Mavropanos.

Both are not good enough for us, I have little interest in finding out which turd stinks less.

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Yesterday’s game was the perfect example of why a “not so bad” player is better than a “bad” player, if you know the importance of rotation and backup.

WHAT? Eksplayn

I said to loan him out (not sure which thread)… as for Chambers, no real issue keeping him as 4th or something like that - but at his age, he needs to be playing… I’d rather have experience like Monreal as spot emergency starters than relatively raw players like Chambers… he looked like a deer in headlights for us a few times, so not sure about him.

If we have Sokratis, Holding (have to hope), Koss (have to hope he is healthy enough like this year), and Moose - that is an ok stopgap for a year if we invest elsewhere… the issue comes down to relying on a) injured player coming back from long-term, difficult injury; and b) aging player with chronic injuries repeating his performance another year.

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wont’ disagree

How about neither of them.

This talk about Mav not being good enough or looking like Mustafi is hilarious. Lets have some perspective here. The kid is 21 years old, he’s been battling a groin injury for quite a while now, and he hasn’t consistently played in the PL since last spring. He might not even be 100% healthy as far as we know and a groin is a hell of an issue to deal with, would make a lot of sense why he’s a bit rusty and off the pace. Couple that with the fact that our midfield is like a sieve, and it doesn’t really make a good recipe for success for the kid who’s being thrown in the deep end atm.

I am more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt considering he was a Diamond Eye Sven recruit and for the most part all of his signings have come good, even if a couple of his younger guys have become a bit jaded here towards the end of the season (Guendouzi and Torreira). Let’s face it, Emery hasn’t come close to fixing our defensive issues systematically, and our half way decent defensive performances have been down to good individual performances by our more seasoned veterans.

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I had a couple of thoughts about this guy - perhaps the reason he’s come back and been shaky is because (a) the head of recruitment who signed him has left; and (b) the manager who was here when he signed has also left.

For a young player, that is likely to affect your confidence and sense of surety about your place in the squad. Add his long injury into the mix and you’ve got a player who is going to be nervous, particularly given that the defence in general is a mess.

I don’t have high hopes for him to be a brilliant defender for us for the next 5 years. But I’m happy to see how he develops over the next 12-18 months. Not going to write him off yet.


The problem with players like Mavro is that if he was playing for a club like Bournemouth, putting in the same performances as he is for us, then we wouldn’t give him a second look.
The fact he is already here means we are talking about keeping him, rather than buying him.

Do we need to see another season of him to work out if he is going to make it here or is he only going to be kept as fourth or fifth choice CB?

With the appalling options we have at CB, it’s more than likely he will be getting a lot more opportunities than he deserves, so it might be better to get some money for him and get a player that can do a better job.

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Mav is coming off the back of an injury hit season and is making a huge jump in quality of opposition. If there is any semblance of good defender in him it’ll take some time for us to unearth it. Either way, he won’t make much of a career here if he doesn’t have good defenders around him to learn from. Kosh is fine, Sokratis is alright - but we need a genuine high quality CB.


Not that they’re that reliable BUT he looks to be gelling more with the team in these training videos they upload on Youtube. Seems like he has learned English as well which is great. We’ll soon see what the kid is made of. Still rooting for a loan next season, probably at an English club so he gets used to communicating in English.

Totally expect his injury to coincide with another season with us, missing out on regular football.

I’m more interested in him getting the right footballing education over getting used to communicating in English. He can do that in his spare time, or when he returns from this hypothetical loan. The development of his English communication skills shouldn’t be at the forefront of our minds when deciding where to loan him imo

10m then plz


Snap their hand off. Do it please he’s not going to make it


Good, their transfer window isn’t finishing soon so we could get it done when he heals up I guess.

Fair enough he’s unconvincing. But surely if you let him go that means there’s somebody coming in? Otherwise…