Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


Havent seen anything to tell me he is anywhere ready. The red card the most significant part of his career here so far.


Hasn’t he only had 3 appearances for us?


Aside from the red card, I though he looked solid in the games he did play. Not saying he solve our defensive issues, but maybe he could a solid option for us. Is he fit yet?


According to @Phoebica he is


He’s fit in more ways than one


The goal, smile and clearence combo ! :giroud3:


He is back in training today. Surely, he can’t be worse than Mustafi and Licht. Give him a chance.


Bin cuntstafi


At this point he can’t be worse than the current 2.

Back to back 4 and bin Mustafi.

I’d love if we could somehow shift him this window too.


Well, try him at his point. Nothing to lose.


Well we cant on 70 minutes really can we yet. Im staying deluded and watching the window in hope.


Our starting CB for the next 10 years. Get him in there already.


Thought that was a name there for a quick sec :arteta: