Kostantinos Mavropanos (27)


Big Mav looks like he’s about to enter Love Island

Greek God indeed!



Omg no way that’s Mavropanos?!


I want his secs.




All night long…


He’s a Greek version of Leonardo DiCaprio


Out for another 4 weeks.

We’re really limited in defence. In terms of rotation, Holding is the only one we can bring into the central area unless we play Elneny there or dip into the youth pool.




What the f is Dinos doing? We dont have time for this shite. 2 games he would have started and he fucks up with his shite groin.


Heeeessss baaaaaaaaccckkk :joy::joy:


Where is this kid? Would come in handy right about now.


Wtf u said he was back november the second ! Liar ! Arsenal4Fraudle ! :bellerin:


Back in training now. I’d throw him in. He’s better than Mustafi.

Give me the double :greece::greece: partnership at CB


This kid will feel lik a new signing ! Fucking love the lad <3


Inb4 he gets loaned out… :joy::joy:


This guy is one of those players who has got better without even playing. What’s the betting that when he does come back we’re all going to be severely disappointed? :see_no_evil:


I won’t be, I’ve always thought he is shit, never really understood the way some fans hype him up.


To be honest, like with Holding, he’s great just because he isn’t one of our usual clowns.


He’s been solid when coming into the side but I’ve seen similar promise in the likes of Djourou, Senderos and more recently Chambers, and look how that turned out.

A few good performances by a young defender is an unreliable measure of their potential. It needs to be measured over more than a season - probably 40+ first team starts, hopefully with many of those coming in consecutive games.

Until then, I’ll try to reserve judgement. I’m keen to gauge his mental strength after making an error (which happens to all young defenders). That’s equally as important for a young defender as their actual ability.


Alright, Arsene