Kieran Gibbs


He’s been senSAISStional :grin:

He has gone a bit under the radar what with playing next to Neves – who is God’s gift to football. Neves gets all the plaudits, but actually they make a good team.

And Wolves fans really like him. I saw an end of season Wolves review and they gave him 8.5/10.

I’m sure you’re aware of what he can do, but one of his strengths is long balls. He has played more accurate long balls for Wolves than the goalkeeper – Wolves are the only team in the division where the GK isn’t top of the long passing rankings. He makes it look easy. He has scored some good goals too.

He plays in defence for Morocco, right?


Yeah he tends to play in defence for Morocco. I have high hopes for him in the summer though and hope he can have a good World Cup for us.

I do hope he gets a chance in the PL next season though


Gibbs almost certainly has a relegation release clause. Probably part of the reason we got so little for him. I’d guess the clause is about the 7m we sold him for.


What a move for Gibbo!


Do it Gibbo!!!


Some move if he went to Serie A.


I used to get worried if Gibbs sneezed to hard.

Wish him well but was very glad he went as his injury proneness was mental. Don’t think I ever watched him in 5 games in a row!

Italy would probably suit him a little better physically and he might even complete a full season.