José Giménez


Full name: José María Giménez de Vargas
Date of birth: 20 January 1995 (age 21)
Place of birth: Toledo, Uruguay
Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Playing position: Centre back

According to Mail, we’re talking with Atleti to sign him.


Oh yes! We don’t spend 30 mil for Mustafi, but 40 for this guy? :facepalm:


Someone should hire (or automate) @Maxi_Gooner to make all the opening posts this forum needs.


We can’t pay him that much. We are Arsenal :poldi:


Agree, it’s a fake rumor but we don’t know. Mustafi was keen and ready to join Arsenal but now not. We need to wait. Finally this shit will end very soon.


I thought we needed to keep our powder dry for that top top quality striker?


Arsenal will not spend that big an amount on a defensive player.
At least for few more seasons.




Joke of a rumour they aren’t even trying anymore.


I think Steua Bucharest’s social media lady also runs athleti’s social program as well lol.


Comedy gold… just taking the piss out of Arsenal fans and org… nothing to see here.


Well, according to @Trion Giménez is available for less than John Stones so I’m gonna go ahead and say this one is ON!


Maybe we are not paying out for Mustafi because for £10m more you can get this guy…I know who I would rather have if I am honest, but at this time it is all talk. Wonder where this come from all of a sudden out of the blue.



Chrome translates this badly but it says Gimenez has been offered around by Atletico and his 3rd party owners for less than his €65m release clause. Doesn’t mention any clubs interest.


I also said this you monumental twat.


This is from over a month ago (7 July), but the vital piece of information is this:


(FWIW, our esteemed author claims he had been authored to Madrid, Barça, and various premier league clubs)

That’s nice. I see you’re still struggling with sarcasm.


I see you still don’t know the definition of sarcasm.


You should make a meme about it. :campbell:


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry :facepalm: :horse: