Jose Antonio Reyes(RIP)

How about he passes his technique onto some of our players?

If they’re good enough for JaR 14 years ago they’re good enough for me now.

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Seriously you turning out to be a woman freaks me out still.

Freaks you out? Imagine how I feel. Woke up one morning and it was just like “woah”


bit of a random appointment but hope he achieves something and makes even the slightest of difference

Reyes and Emery have a relationship from their time at Seville together. In that sense it’s not random at all.

Scored his first two goals for us against Chelsea on this day in 2004. As it was an FA Cup tie we’d surrendered my beloved Clock End to the Chelsea fans, so I was actually behind the goal in the North Bank for these two.


Theory is once you stop going the game you dont go back. Remember when you said about giving the game up over cost of season ticket I think.
Do you miss it and do you see yourself going back on a regular basis if your time and money allowed again in the future.

Isn’t this the player who couldn’t settle because he said he missed Spain and everything shut in London at 5pm!
Not sure Emery and him having history in Saville is particularly helpful in sorting out our problems in the Prem.
Yes he did play in the Prem but if you blocked you would miss it…poor appointment in my opinion.


Depends though where he was up to in his personal life at that time. Wife and kids maybe and being more settled now might be more ready for a move.
Bottom line would be if his working relationship is worth investing in really.

Emery and the club needs an assistant with full Prem history like Keown not a player who spent more time in Spain than the Prem. Poor appointment in my opinion

Throwback to when he turned up wearing these jeans



Long live the early 00s drip


Feel like it may be making a comeback :arteta:

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Was Reyes criticized for that racism incident with Henry in France vs Spain match?

Aragones was the one who came under most of the criticism and obviously rightly so. Off head I don’t remember Reyes getting it as much as the legendary boss.

I also think it was a slightly different time period had it happened Aragones would have been sacked I reckon

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Henry was never really the same with Reyes afterwards, I felt. Rightly or wrongly, it felt like it added to Reyes woes at Arsenal.

Reyes on form was a great player. Real shame that both he and Arsenal didnt do more to make it work

Reyes :heart:

Fucking hell, what horrible news. Will never forget his brief spell here.


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