Jordi Osei-Tutu

5 goals and 3 assists while on loan and really came on at the end of the season. Maybe Arteta and co have decided he needs a chance.




Turns 22 this October. He’s probably leaving after this. Hopefully he does well and we get some fee at least.

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Osei Tutu and AMN gone in the space of day.

@Phoebica sitting here like :grin:


Who is this dude

Played a few games under Emery I think. May have been at LB.

He did? :thinking:

I think he did, although it might have been friendlies. Definitely remember him playing in that away kit we had in 18/19.

Maybe, but I don’t think he ever played an official game for us.
Quite unfortunate. I’ve always heard good things about the lad.

If he did then I missed that :joy:

No comment


Nah, obviously if we have decent youth prospects I’d like to see them given a chance. I don’t watch second division German football though so don’t know too much about how he performed over there.

But he is almost 22. Often players establish themselves by that age, so not gonna lie, I’m not hopeful about him.


Pretty much seals Bellerin staying imho.


If PSG really want Bellerin and it’s not just agent chatter, as long as the fee is ‘right’, Arsenal will sell imo.

‘Right’ = Enough money so that the club can acquire Max Aarons.

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If we actually go for Max Aarons. :man_facepalming:

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Doesn’t feel Arsenal-ish to move 3 players from the same position in one window (and that doesn’t even count Chambers)…

Came back from his hamstring and did his ankle ligaments, just had surgery. Seems to be a sick note, bummed cuz by all reports the kid was looking like a great RB prospect if not for app the injuries.

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Yeah, for some reason Cardiff seem keen to sign him on a permanent regardless.
Hopefully he has a good recovery and this doesn’t fuck up his career.