Jordan Pickford

What a fucking goalkeeper this guy is. Ball is like a magnet to him. We have to sign him for our future #1

As this is one of the best opposition goalkeeper performance I’ve seen against us.


I do agree. Replace Ospina with him.

If it wasnt for him we would have scored at least 5 i reckon.


Great performance

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I haven’t watched the game tonight but I’m not convinced that he’s any better than the options we already have.

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Amazing performance.

How the fuck do average teams keepers always play so incredibly against us fuck me.

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Hate how he stopped us increasing our goal difference :xhaka:

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I’ve watched him all season and he has been good but he’s not ready to move to Arsenal yet

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Wait… hasn’t he been injured for half the season?

fine then, all the matches he’s played :slight_smile:

That was Butland

A good game yes, but top team material yet, no. For me he’s just another Foster or Heaton. Good on the line with great reflexes and one who occasionally has an awesome game.


I stand corrected then. Although I’m sure Pickford was injured for a period too.

By the time he is ready, he will be out of our reach cause the truly big clubs will be after him. :santi:

Rated Pickford for a while but we have Szczesney on our books who is a better keeper. Wouldn’t bother. Can definitely see Pickford getting back into the Prem if not next season then likely the season after.

I’d definitely have him here.
He has been one of the best young keepers in the PL and could be a long term replacement for Cech.
He looks better than Szczesney at a similar age, and doesn’t look out of his depth at this level.
The GK situation is something that needs sorting out, and there should be no dithering on such an important position.

Pickford can learn a lot from Cech and Ospina and it means we don’t have Szczesney back again.

How can you say he has looked better than Scz?

Woj got the golden glove here. Also has one of the highest clean sheets in Europe this season with Roma. Worlds apart these two.


He was too inconsistent and prone to mistakes.
For Wenger to send him on loan and Roma don’t seem that keen to buy him, after being there there for around two seasons, they seem to agree.

Pickford will go to a bigger club, and there is no guarantee he will be successful, but he will be relatively cheap, as he is not proven at the highest level, but has the potential to be a very good GK, which is what we need.

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If Ches is not going to get another chance I’d go for Pickford or Butland

Both quality young keepers