Jonny Evans


He’s also injured…

So yeah, perhaps we’ll pass on this one after all, lol.


We need two new defenders, but after tonights performance I’d leave Jonny at West Brom and wait until the summer…

If we sign PEA…I would sooner go to Chelsea and offer them Giroud for Kante as a straight swap!


His career will definitely be

  1. Get relegated
  2. Get linked to Arsenal and City
  3. Join Everton


Ornstein on the arsecast said we didn’t have any money left to spend big after Auba signing but due to Giroud leaving some money became free again so we went in for Evans but it was to late. He also said there was whispers from a few of his sources that we had interest in Luiz and Manolas.

Manolas for the summer then hopefully?







Surprise surprise footballers think they’re above the law


Jesus Christ, a 60 years old like Barry doing something so stupid.


Jonny Evans went off the rails after his failed move to Arsenal


So rich they can’t afford a taxi?


I’d say it has basically nothing to do with them being footballers and almost everything to do with them being drunk arseholes.


So will the driver who was probably drunk and stupid too be done with theft and drink driving?


Are you actually asking me that question? Cos I don’t know.


no its more of they always seem to get away with shit like this what happens if someone got hurt or god forbid killed with their sheer stupidity and i presume drink driving.


What’s the usual punishment for drunk driving that doesn’t result in any injury or harm? A fine? A lost licence? Almost never imprisonment I’d imagine and almost certainly not in Spain where you don’t go to jail if it’s less than 2 years sentence.

They’ve been interviewed and charges might follow but they’d almost certainly have been held if this had lead to anyone being harmed.

And I am in no way excusing their actions. They are fucking morons but there’s no special treatment going on here.


Is Johnny Evans their official club captain?


Yes :iwobi: