John Lukic

One for the older fans of the forum - how good was he?

He rarely gets any kind of mention these days when people talk about the great Arsenal keepers. Was he a great Arsenal keeper or was he just a good keeper in a great Arsenal team (towards the late 80s)?

Great 'keeper.

I’d rate him below Seaman but above Lehmann


He was a very good keeper. Safe dependable and pull off some top saves. It’s just that he was around in the era of Shilton, Clemence, Southall etc who were just top draw.

Same as @DavidHillier on Seaman and Jen’s.


He was goodish and one of our better keepers without being exceptional from what I recall although it is a long way back. Definitely not as good as Seaman in his prime and I would put Lehman at least on a par.


I never realised he was as good as the reports above.

I remember him more as the Leeds goalie than the Arsenal goalie to be honest but he was a really solid top flight keeper. Around the same time as some absolute greats and just a step below them and therefore not always remembered as well as they would be.

I love that Seaman started his career as Lukics understudy and Lukic ended his career as Seamans. :slight_smile:


I think we’ve had a lot of crap in goal since Seaman.

Richard Wright, Fabianski, Almunia, Mannone, Sczezney (however you spell it). Even Cech and Lehmann have made high profile mistakes.

Lukic was a safe option. Funnily enough, I think Stuart Taylor was of the same mould and I’m very surprised he didn’t go on to have a blossoming career. (Same applies to Alex Manninger- fantastic shot stopper but his career stopped abruptly)


Must have watched the Michael Thomas goal a million times. Said on the night and ever since, why does he throw the ball to Dixon.
This is 1989. The last minute of the game. No keeper in England at this time does anything but kick the ball high and long. Especially with a towering centre forward to aim for.
Honestly no one would of took this option then. Remember your booting from out of your hands then.


This always surprised me too. He always looked like a safe bet yet he never made anything of his career.