Johan Djourou

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All the birthday wishes these past days to Bendtner and Djourou remind me how awful the past 11,5 years for Arsenal FC have been.


Chim chiminy
Chim chiminy
Chim chim charoo
Who needs Sol Campbell
When we’ve got Djourou


Agreed there !
Just two terrible signings out of a squad full


He had a really good season if I remember? Or atleast part of it, he had all the ability and physicality but lacked any sort of composure and was reckless/clumsy at times. I thought he was going to be such a good defender ffs haha.

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He did when he was fit for large portion of the season and then I think he had a shoulder dislocation. That injury was curtains for his Arsenal career if I am not wrong.

Overall he was an average defender for me.

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He was definitely a player Wenger had too much faith in, but he wasn’t useless. He did, when fit, do a decent job but that was quite rare. You’d take him over Mustafi or Sokratis definitely.

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He’s only 34?!

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That was my thoughts too lol. I feel like I remember him playing for us a good 10+ years ago now.

I swear we signed him in the mid 00s

We did. Remember him playing for us in 07. Didn’t know he was only 20 at the time

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Remember being fully convinced that Djourou and Senderos would be our first choice centre back pairing for a generation lol


At some point in 10/11 he was quite good for a spell no?

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Remember when he invented his own skill move, the Djourou flick?

They were awful but maybe not as awful as we remember them.

Players like Djourou, Bendtner, Clichy, Song, Gervinho etc. got a lot of deserved hate but they got us Top 4 and CL football every season and were a part of teams that beat big European clubs like Barca, AC Milan and other big teams in the CL knock out rounds.

Now we’re not surprised to get knocked out of the EL by Olympiakos at home at the Emirates and we might not even make the EL this season :joy:

Maybe Djourou and Co. were better than we give them credit for haha


Keep Bendtner off that list lol he was fucking awful bro.

Nah he gets a lot of hate but he scored more than 47 goals and 22 assists in 171 games for us (all comps, no friendlies) and was often stuck out on the wing. Scored a lot of last minute winners and equalisers that saved us a bunch of points too.

He wasn’t great but he’s definitely not as bad as people make him out to be.


To be fair, wasnt Bendtner like Nketiahs age or younger when he was scoring hattricks against Porto in the CL. He was quite young when he was starting for us.

But he shouldn’t have been starting for us obviously, loved him but hated him.


The guys you mention were average most of the time, sometimes decent.

But the other players in the team like Fabregas, Hleb, Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin, Adebayor, van Persie etc kept the technical level of the team extremely high.

Also, Arsène still knew what he was doing back in the mid-to-late 00s.


Bendtner has a place in my lifetime as one of the very worst attacking players to have played 100+ games for the club for sure.

Sorry brother, but he was awful lol


I disagree. I think Bendtner in his role as a backup striker did a good job. People dislike him because of he had a huge ego (it was very obnoxious) and because he played in a team that didn’t win anything.

Bendtner: 47 goals + 22 assists = 69 direct contributions across 171 games

Kanu: 44 goals + 27 assists = 71 direct contributions across 196 games

Wiltord: 49 goals + 29 assists = 78 direct contributions across 175 games

Putting Bendtner in the top 100 worst players ever for the club is unfair and disingenuous. You wouldn’t say the same about Kanu and Wiltord, despite the goal contributions being very similar. They just had the privilege of playing alongside Henry, Bergkamp, Ljungberg and Pires etc. in a team capable of winning titles.

Bendtner was a dick and unlikable but his deficiencies as a footballer have really been blown out of proportion given how many goals and assists he got for the club.