Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


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[/quote]That should be used everytime an Arsenal transfer deal falls through :gunnersaurus:


I’m actually so annoyed that we loaned Joel Campbell out (again) he really impressed me last season when he was given a decent run of games, much better then the Ox and Theo (as of late). I never really used to like Joel but he changed my mind last season and was quickly becoming the new Yossi Benayoun, so I’m gutted that we’ve loaned him out for about the 10th time, really hope it’s not the end of him in an Arsenal shirt


“Another person could stay at Arsenal, have a good wage, live in a nice city and not playing, but I prefer to leave comfort aside and fight for my dreams. I want to prove I have what is needed to play the game.”


Fair play to him. Has always come across a player who is hungry to play. Never looked lazy and was quite reliable when we were down to bare bones.

Hope he does well at Sporting.


Nothing but respect for him. Hope he does well wherever he ends up.


If that’s the case, it’s understandable.
Had i been him & i saw Theo starting against Liverpool after all the good work i put in & all the shit Theo thrown around; i had move as well.


Hope he smashes it


Conveniently not mentioning that he’s still pocketing that good wage but now also playing first team football :wink:


Just so pissed off with this. he played better than Walcott and Ramsey on the wing last season (can’t include Ox for obvious reasons), had a very good pre-season and is still left out in the cold.

Stinks of what happened to Vela, except Joel got more chances than Vela and is still being treated like this.

Wherever Joel goes i wish him the absolute best. i hope he does make it with Arsenal, but that’s looking extremely unlikely.


In the words of Ian Dury "What a waste "


He has a great attitude.

It’s a shame players like Walcott don’t copy it.


Made his debut in the Sporting - Porto match but don’t know how it went, anybody catch it?


Didn’t see it but I bet it’s better than Ox against Watford.


Who knows, i’m pretty sure Campbell won’t play for Arsenal again though unless Wenger leaves at the end of the season (lol) and his successor really moves quickly.


Yep. A lot of people would agree Joel.


I never seen anything special about him apart from a couple of good games and he’s slow for a winger


How can you rate Walcott but not this guy? :unamused:


Wallcot has had better seasons that Campbell had last year


It’s really not as complicated as some of you make out. Joel is Podolski v2. Arsenal fans have a weird obsession with him and Wenger’s supposed ‘mistreatment’ of him.


You’re right to say there is nothing special about him, but we haven’t got anything much better.
Considering the amount of wide players we have, none of them could be described as top quality, especially on the right.

What we have lacked for a long time is a world class winger, as well as a striker, and it still hasn’t been sorted out, which means the only options we had were the same old faces, like Walcott, Chamberlain, Campbell, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, etc, who have all played there but were either not good enough, not suited to that position, always injured, or not consistent.

I think this is the problem, we have a lot of players that can play there, but like you say about Campbell, none of them are that special.

Get one world class winger, rather than several that are just average.