Joel Campbell: Fuck Out


At least he’s an average player that could have one or two great moments a season. Can’t say that about the other players at his level in the club.


This shitty source says Betis wants to send him back to London due to his long term injury.

They basically say, tello is playing well and they need a backup for him asap and cannot wait for joel to recover so they might sign another player during this window.


And what are we supposed to do with him?


He’s out contract in 6 months so probably nothing although he’s better than Walcott Welbeck and Iwobi so I would use him for the last 6 months


How did Wenger manage to accumulate so many players like this?
Our squad is full of overpaid average players.


He is more than capable of contributing.
Wenger just doesn’t rate him much, which is fine but when your wing options are Theo Walcott or Ramsey; you go with Campbell.


No just no, he’s shite


Walcott probably scored more last season than this guy has in his life.



… the fuckin’ state of this club.


I keep forgetting about him lol… at this point, I have probably thought he was gone numerous times only to be reminded this way. Never really got a chance and probably wasn’t the standard we needed anyway.


should have left immediately after the world cup…
wrong decision by him.


You can’t blame the guy from trying, he makes more money contracted here and gets more recognition (or used to be when he was getting a chance).
It didn’t work out, he just have to move on.


I don’t understand why it’s embarrassing for us to have a player of his stature asking to leave. He’s not getting anywhere with us, he just wants to move on.


It’s more that he still has a contract at the club. You forget that he exists until the annual articles come out that he wants to leave.


His contract expires in June, it won’t be extended so he will move on for sure.


Bye Joel. Shame Wenger messed you about in 15/16


Bye Joel.


Ruthless sham, love it.

Proper player section cleanup


He was shit.