Jermaine Pennant

He’s definitely led a wild lifestyle through the years

No doubt his most memorable game in the shirt

A name I had forgotten

Luckily you won’t have to worry about that from now on. This thread will be bumped whenever it’s his birthday I’m sure.


The original boy wonder. Big expectations from an early age. Probably played his best football at Liverpool?

Who can say? Or care?

Why you replying if you don’t? You’ve got weird around these type of threads in the past. Easier to scroll past, surely?

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“Got weird” or indeed just closed threads that are just going to consist of you posting when it’s an obscure ex players birthday.

Pennants also a massive dickhead, which drew my attention here :grinning:

Fair do’s, whatever gets you through the day. I’ll crack on, you crack on.

A bit of a dickhead he might come across, but with his background and upbringing it can’t be a surprise.

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Damn, normal folk are terrible at fighting


Is that Matt Hancock at the end?

I remember when I boxed at uni we always hated sparring with the newbies because they’d just come in fucking windmilling lol

It’s sometimes pretty hard to fight someone that doesn’t know how to fight when you do know to fight baba

If anything could convince me to watch that shite programme, it may well be seeing Matt Hancock get repeatdly punched in the face.


Yeah, that is true, sometimes it can be easier to fight someone who you know is going to fight a certain way. With newbies, best approach is often to just let them burn themselves out in about 20-30 seconds and then you can have your way with them.

People really underestimate how hard it is to maintain a high pace and output in a fight.

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Hancock is on a mission to be a contestant on every shitty reality programme.

Basically the only option available to him.

No-one is gonna hire him, he’s fucked his career as in every way possible.

Matt Hancock is a prize twat, would normally give a hard miss but may indulge to see the absokute pillock get punched and the face and screamed at.