Jeremy Frimpong

Yes please. He’s a very good right-back and I’d love another Dutchman to join Arsenal.

Would he take Benny Blanco’s starting spot, or would he likely be sat on the dench most of the time?


We need more right backs. We only have Blanco, Tomi and Timber.

Shame on you… Forgot our Cafu … Cedric Soares


would be curtains for Brooke Norton-Cuffy

I reckon United is a likely destination for Frimpong given his nationality. And it’s more of a position of need for them.

Worth noting he’s a wingback at Leverkusen.

Remember him at Celtic a few years ago

Do you remember if he was good?

Only think I know about him is that he gets to play with god Xhaka! So not sure why he’d want to move.

Think he was decent. Attacking full back.

Think it was the covid season so the Scottish league only played to March then they called it

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nfi but benny blanco is phenomenal :laughing:

on a sidenote (or, on topic) he’s been wanted for a couple of years, I’m surprised every season start he is still there, especially with how in fashion his type of fullback is nowadays.

:joy::joy: as if only 6 of us found this likeworthy.

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Could arguably be a great defensive sub for Saka when we’re closing a game out as he plays anywhere on the right touchline. Good crossing ability too. Would be an excellent signing.

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According to BILD we’re paying his €40m release clause that activates on the 1st of July this summer. Would be a great signing!


better than prime Bellerin

Might be the quickest player I’ve ever seen.

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speedy players everywhere… but he is a lot more all round than Hector

I know he’s started having some output this season but when I saw him against Roma his pace was huge problem but he had zero end product.

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he is a defender, wing back, full back.

I don’t expect more than that from him.

Defensive options of:

Timber Gabriel Saliba Frimpong
Tomiyasu Hato Kiwior White

With Zinchenko moving into midfield consideration but providing that option at LB if/when needed.

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