Jean-Mattéo Bahoya

Arsenal are reportedly battling clubs in Italy and Germany for the signing of France U19 int’l Jean-Matteo Bahoya, who is shining for Angers this season…

Angers SCO has not yet received a concrete offer, but progress has been made in recent hours. :black_circle::white_circle:

Jean-Mattéo Bahoya, the talented 18-year-old attacking midfielder for Angers SCO in Ligue 2, is making waves with his impressive performances. Born on May 7, 2005, in Montfermeil, France, Bahoya has already caught the attention of football enthusiasts.

Standing at 1.80 meters, Bahoya’s skill on the field extends beyond his attacking midfield position, as he can also play as a left midfielder and left winger. Representing France at the U19 level, he has earned four caps for the national team.

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Signing him on Football Manager, thanks.

His last name sounds like what you say when you stand on a plug


He really look like Sane… Face, game style, goal celebrating…

Or an old timey car horn from a cartoon.


Most people put a lot less effort into spamming their YouTube channel on here. I kind of respect this.

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Sounds like a username for the mass production of Tyrion Lannisters. :man_shrugging:t3: