January Transfer window thread


Two lessons you need to learn in life. Never, EVERRRR doubt Sven or Moley…EVERRRR!! :grin:


Still won’t be good enough though, we’ll still be fucked.

Liverpool have proved that even spending £75m on a good defender isn’t enough to sort your shit out when you issues are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the manager and his tactics.


I’ve loved Manolas since his Olympiacos days, excellent centre back


True although nothing will be enough under this manager, however, hopefully he fucks off in the summer so we can see the real potential of these guys.

If we get a CB too we’ll have a very good squad for the next manager to inherit.


Manolas is still a top top beast of a CB, somebody that would even do something to improve a Wenger defence.

He is somebody Wenger was also looking at before.

However, Luiz would replace the banter that we are now lacking with no Giroud.

Tough call tbh.

If we get one of these 2 and Meyer, I don’t know what I’ll do because fuck me that would be mental


I can’t keep track of wtf is happening today.

Meyer, Manolas, Luiz…?



This window is already legendary, anything else is sprinkles of crack on the cake.


All this transfer activity is so addictive.
Players coming in, players going out, players signing new contracts.
This is what it must be like to support Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man City.
Let’s hope the next window is going to be even more manic, so we can get another fix of transfer mania.


Who is Moley?

Meyer is pretty average, unless he’s having a breakout season at Schalke right now, sounds like bullshit. Also the fuck do we need another 10/creative attacking midfielder for?


Fucking Manolas would be the cream on the fucking cum of all tits.

What-a-fucking-day. Madness isn’t even the right word anymore. Apocalyptic shit right here.



See Burgundy’s post above in the thread.

I have no idea either but will take his word for it.


New Ornstein memes will be posted as and when I see them. They are now a symbol of this madness of a window.


Yeah. I think Arsenal wanted Manolas even before he went to Roma. That was in 2014. But I that’s not going to happen though. Not today at least.




Guys Listen. Guys

I think Sven is stalking my soccermanager team lineup.

I have had Aubameyang & Mkhitaryan for ages.

Now he is after Meyer.


Ok some of it has to do with Wenger for sure. In a time like now where the offense isn’t clicking and the midfield is non-existent he should be tightening up the tactics. However, team disfunction has a lot to do with this imo.

Mustafi wanted to leave in the summer his family isn’t happy here, he’s not committed. We are playing a very poor midfield one of the worst I’ve seen since watching Arsenal. We are going to address Mustafi, we are trying to buy a new CB as we speak. The holding midfield role is another one we are apparently looking into. Sven isn’t fucking about, he will remedy the situation.

We’ve been a good defensive team in the past even with Mustafi in the team. His first like 16 games we didn’t lose and had a ton of clean sheets. We just need a commited CB and a less shit midfield and we’ll be fine imo.




Fair play :joy::joy:


So what’s the deadline then? Midnight??



So we’ve got ages for some more MADNESSSSS